pretending its not 100 degrees.

That One Blonde Chick. Fall maternity That One Blonde Chick. Fall maternity That One Blonde Chick. Fall maternity

DRESS: Friday Faves Midi Cardigan: ASOS (similiar) Booties: Steve Madden

HAT: Lulus

Hey friends!

I get so excited when I find non maternity dresses that will fit during pregnancy so I can still wear them again after the baby comes! This baby just might be our last so I’m having a hard time investing in tons on maternity clothing. So finds like this stretchy dress from Friday Faves make me stupid amounts of happy!! It’s under $30!! Around this time every year I get bad cravings for fall! Gimme all the booties and sweaters! This dress is breathable enough that I can layer it with a cardi for a date night with my guy and not sweat to death! I have all the heart eyes for this dress so I’m teaming up with Friday Faves to a GIVEAWAY for $50 store credit! It’s all going down on my instagram @christineyallen so jump over there to join in and follow if you aren’t already!

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nsale booties

I snagged these Steve Madden booties at the Nordstrom sale. They are probably my favorite booties I’ve ever owned! I’m so sad they are sold out again! I’ll be watching them like a hawk and I’ll let you guys know when they are restocked cause they are seriously perfect!! Here are a few other similar options. Here, and Here these ones are in stock but full price.


Sooo am I glowing yet or….

That One Blonde Chick. Seraphine Maternity That One Blonde Chick. Seraphine Maternity
That One Blonde Chick. Seraphine Maternity
That One Blonde Chick. Seraphine Maternity

Summer bumpin’ This dress from Seraphine Maternity is everything! So stretchy and comfy! Which is kind of number one on my list these days!! Plus its on sale for $57! TIP: I would size down if you want it to be a little more fitted the dress is a little roomy.

Guys I have a confession. I have always enjoyed my pregnancies! I legit love being pregnant! However this time around has been different! Being this pregnant in the summer has really taken a toll on my body image. I promise I know how dumb and vain that sounds. I am freaking making a person with my body which causes it to change and grow and is such a gift! I’m trying my hardest to feel confident parading my pregnant self around in a bathing suit has made me so self conscious! Being so body conscious that it controls basically every thought you have is not a fun feeling.

Since this is my 3rd go around I feel like my body has grown so much quicker than the first 2 times. This time my booty and love handles and cheeks also think they are pregnant. Idiots!

When I look at other pregnant women I think they are darling and they glow and look so cute! Why can’t I think those same things about myself? Whenever a family member or friend or my husband especially gives me a compliment and say they think I look cute I straight up don’t believe them! I feel like I can’t be the only preggo out there who feels this way.

SO I am making a little challenge for me to have more self love and be so so grateful that I get to be pregnant I know so many friends and family struggling with infertility and would love a bigger booty and love handles if that meant a baby would be coming soon after! From here on out I will love my body for all the miracles it is working every single day!

The female body seriously incredible! Becoming a mother is the biggest blessing in my life I would gladly sacrifice my body a thousand times over to get to hold a precious newborn. Great now I’m getting teary eyed and my girls are asleep so I have to go stare at them and ninja kiss their cute cheeks so I don’t wake them!

Also lets stop pretending that unicorn pregos like Blake Lively and Chrissy Teigen are the norm and what we are supposed to look like during pregnancy.

and praise the true hero that is Kim Kardashian whose feet even got pregnant! You go girl!!!







Life is Sweet

That One Blonde Chick. Life is sweet That One Blonde Chick. Life is sweet That One Blonde Chick. Life is sweetThat One Blonde Chick. Life is sweetThis summer has been so go go go! I am learning that just how life is going to be from now on with a growing family. Running to school, dance, doctor appointments, play dates, the list goes on and on!! I wouldn’t change it tho! These two are my best buddies. Even when they are driving me crazy! They are getting sassier by the day and heaven please help me when I have THREE TEENAGE DAUGHTERS!

Until then I’m soaking up every second with these sweet babes! Taking time to enjoy the little things, like shoving donuts in our faces and not caring that we are all sticky and getting our clothes dirty! I love my shirts from Sweet Ts design shoppe. Sharing a positive message and encouraging us to slow down and enjoy every tiny seemingly insignificant moment! Those are the ones that stand out in my mind with my own Mama!


Joslyn’s 5th birthday party/ Gender reveal

Joslyn’s birthday almost always falls on or around fathers day. She told me a few months a go that she wanted a surprise party. This girl has been looking forward to and has been asking me questions about her birthday for the past 6 months. So we wanted to make it really special! We told her she wouldnt be able to have a birthday party on her actual b day cause it was fathers day weeekend and everyone was spending time with their dads and werent able to come. Guys it was so sad! It broke my heart a little to lie to her! So we made her birthday morning special by doing all her fav things. Todd took both the girls to Airborne (a trampoline park) for a few hours while I got the party all set in place. They walked in and they could only see me standing in the living room. When Joss got to the end of the hall all her friends and family were hiding in the kitchen we all yelled SURPRISE! it scared her to death and she was fighting tears for a second then she realized what was going on and she was thrilled!! Please notice how Kate is covering her ears in the top pic. They were so caught off guard!Joslyns Surprise partyJoslyns Surprise party Joslyns Surprise party

Joslyns Surprise party Joslyns Surprise party

showing her great grandparents some love. It kills me how she just loves absolutely everyone and makes everyone feel special! She truly has a gift!

After all the gifts and cake Todd and I set up a gender reveal box. We made a top secret trip to fetal fotos to sneakily find out the sex of our new baby. baby girl did not want to give up the goods! she was all cross legged and stubborn! Luckily we were able to get a quick peek! She had the hiccups it was the cutest thing!

Since all our loved ones would be at the party that weekend some came from out of state! That’s how much Jossie girl is loved! We have the best most supportive family! We couldn’t think of a better time to tell everyone! Only myself, Todd and my cute 11 year old niece Bailey she was staying with us that week being the best helper/nanny! She kept our secret like a BOSS!

Joslyns Surprise partyDSC07141 Joslyns Surprise party Joslyns Surprise party

DSC07153 DSC07161Ok I’m feeling all the feels for this guy! Pregnancy makes me all sorts of sappy! Having a family with him is seriously the best thing that has ever happened to me! A billion times more amazing than my wildest dreams when I was growing up! He is the sweetest Dad of daughters we are so hashtag blessed that we get to have him! We arent the least bit disappointed to be getting another girl! Super stoked about it actually. Although lots of people have expressed sympathy for us which is so bizarre and drives me crazy. That’s a post for another day!

Love you guys thanks for following along!



pink Seraphine Maternity dress

Seraphine Maternity Seraphine Maternity

Ive never been pregnant in the summer.. well let me rephrase…. Ive never been showing pregnant in the summer before. I decided for the sake of staying cool and comfortable I will be on the prowl for comfy breezy and pretty maternity dresses! This pretty little pink number from Seraphine Maternity totally fits the bill! Kate Middleton is known to rock Seraphine dresses when she is pregnant so you know its gotta be good!

My favorite thing about their dresses is that they are all a super classy and flattering length! They hit right at or above the knee. Which is super important to me! I’m also super into pieces that can work for all occasions throw on heels for a summer wedding or church then some chucks or sandals for everyday summer shenanigans! The absolute best part is that this dress in on sale right this very moment!! only $53! run don’t walk!!

Ive linked you to some of the other fav maternity dresses for summer below! Most of them are on sale! JACKPOT!

xoxo Christine

13 Week Bumpdate

baby #3 announcement!

baby #3 announcement! baby #3 announcement!

baby #3 announcement! baby #3 announcement! baby #3 announcement!
baby #3 announcement!

baby #3 announcement!

baby #3 announcement!

Im so happy the whole world finally knows we are having another little Allen joining our family! Thanks so much for all the sweet supportive comments on my announcement yesterday! I’m so in love with how these photos turned out! I didn’t think we would have any decent ones as you can see Kate was being a little turd! Now looking at the photos her just being her self, little stubborn kate. It makes me love them even more! keep reading for this weeks bump update (they won’t be weekly I swear) also details on my dress are below!! ps I love you guys!! k bye


How far along? I’m 13 weeks today! I’m officially in my second trimester! Whoop Whoop!

Due Date: December 10, 2016

Morning sickness? No actually! thankfully I avoided it completely this pregnancy! I never got very sick with my girls either  though. I just can’t let my stomach get empty thats when I start feeling a little sick. So I keep myself very well fed haha.

Other weird pregnancy symptoms? Yes! Omg I guess I have never had heartburn before but it is no joke! ouch!! I seriously thought I had ulcers cause my stomach was so upset I couldn’t keep anything down for an entire day! I didn’t think it was heartburn cause its in my upper stomach not my chest. My dr told me to start taking some OTC heartburn meds and they are seriously miracle drugs!!

Cravings? Not really Mexican food always sounds good. Any fresh fruit and veggies too!

Food aversions? I can tell you that this baby hates fast food! Every timeI have deep fried anything I feel terrible! thats when my heartburn kicks into hyper drive. I try and avoid it at all costs! Maybe this babe will be very health conscious? haha

Any Guesses Boy or Girl? I actually think this one is a boy! (I thought both my girls were boys too though) I only guess boy cause I haven’t been sick in the slightest (like pregnancy nauseous sick. heartburn sick is a different story) Also I have never had heartburn in other pregnancies. so thats new and makes this pregnancy different.

which gender are you hoping for? I’m sure everyone expects me to say a boy but I honestly don’t care either way! The thought of 3 girls sounds so fun! Having a house full of girls makes me really happy! Plus we really know what we are doing in the girl department! From a financial stand point we wouldn’t have to buy a single thing!  But on the other hand the thought of a boy makes me really excited! Having a mini Todd would be the cutest thing ever! I know he would love a little buddy to take to sporting events. He says he doesn’t have a preference either. He is a darling dad of girls. We are just anxious to find out! We should know in a few weeks.

Weird pregnancy moment? My bump totally popped out with in the past week. I went from looking like I ate 5 burritos (burritos sound so good right now!) Now I look like I’m almost 20 weeks pregnant! I really have started showing sooner with each pregnancy! Its like I get pregnant and my body is all like “Oh yeah I know just what to do!” Then it slowly starts turning itself into something resembling a sumo suit. Its great!(sarcastic eye roll)

What I’m looking forward to: Knowing the gender! My sister in law Amy is due the same week as me and she knows she is having a boy! Its driving me crazy that I don’t know yet! It would be so fun to have boys together! I could never not find out the gender. I have way too much anxiety for that crap and I’m a planner.

My dress is from Hope Ave.  Its non maternity! but sadly isn’t currently available online. They had tons in store I just got it very recently. Also a tip:It is one size only.  It has a built in slip but it hardly covers my butt I’m 5’6. So I really needed to wear a slip. I found a cheap one at target.

Dressy Casual

Dressy Casual Spring look. (Christine Allen)

Dressy Casual Spring look. (Christine Allen) Dressy Casual Spring look. (Christine Allen) Dressy Casual Spring look. (Christine Allen) Dressy Casual Spring look. (Christine Allen) Dressy Casual Spring look. (Christine Allen) Dressy Casual Spring look. (Christine Allen)

Hey cute friends! I feel like every single post lately starts out with me apologizing for being M.I.A. so I’ll just skip it this time. MMMK? On to this fun outfit!! This ballet tunic top from White Plum is everything! It’s so flowy and perfect for spring pairs perfectly with the skinniest jeans you own. Cause hey… This top is so figure friendly it won’t tell anyone about your secret muffin top (wink). I tossed on a neck scarf cause I’m obsessed! I love this trend even though my husbands laughs at me and cannot take me seriously when I have one on. Now onto my favorite part of the look. THE BOOTIES! from Target WHAT WHAT WHAT???? they look identical to a pair of Dolce Vita boots that were $129. YAY!

Outfit details below

Tunic: White Plum

Jacket: Gap  + its 40% off right now!

Jeans: Joes Jeans

Lip: Stila Matte Gloss

Booties: Target

*Thanks to White Plum for sponsoring this post.

Stripes for the win. ALWAYS!

Christine Allen. Stripes for the win always! Christine Allen. Stripes for the win always! Christine Allen. Stripes for the win always! Christine Allen. Stripes for the win always!

Hey friends!! I really need to tell you how much I love this dress let me count the ways! Its so comfy! which as a mom (and a human being) comfort is absolutely paramount! Its modest! I’m 5’6 and its still totally long enough. I don’t think 5’6 is that tall but most dresses are surprisingly too short! Also not something that is useful to me now but it is nursing friendly! Which can come in very handy! Lastly it can be dressed up and down I adore pieces that can be styled multiple ways!! I have worked with/ for Mindy Maes Market for over a year now and they ALWAYS have adorable, high quality, affordable pieces! I have a few looks with them coming soon! Check out their new releases! outfit details below! I’m off to go sniff all the blooming trees! Utah is gorgeous right now! PEACE!

XO Christine.

Dress: Mindy Maes Market Yacht club dress

Shoes: Target. only $32! Amazing right??

Denim Jacket: Gap this is still is perfect condition since I was in high school! what, what, WHAT!!

high low top+ Neckerchiefs

Neckerchiefs+ stripes. That One Blonde Chick. Neckerchiefs+ stripes. That One Blonde Chick. Neckerchiefs+ stripes. That One Blonde Chick. Neckerchiefs+ stripes. That One Blonde Chick. Neckerchiefs+ stripes. That One Blonde Chick. Neckerchiefs+ stripes. That One Blonde Chick.

Neckerchief: Target 2 for $5 WHAT WHAT WHAT / High Low Top: Oh Blythe

Jeans: J Crew / Shoes: Target  $32 what??? / Bag: Occhi Co Brand new shop. Beautiful bags handmade is Guatemala

Hey Guys long time no post! I suck! I’m so on board with all the neck accessories that are popping up right now! My fav thing about this trend is that you can find these everywhere and they come on the CHEAP! $5 for 2 Yes please! At fire I was hesitant I am from a really small town full of farmers and legit cow people (boys and girls) Thats a politically correct way to say it yes??

So since I was never a farmers daughter or cowgirl I feel like a huge poser when I wear anything western or anything that would make me feel like a cowgirl! Examples, a plaid button down tucked in, cowboy boot, BANDANA! but when I wear it around my neck like this I feel like a fancy parisian. Sorry that was a rant!

Now moving on to this perfect top!! Its seriously amazing (for hiding all the cad berry eggs I ate over the weekend) Its all flow and breezy for spring! I can’t stop thinking about how perfect it would be for the early awkward stages of pregnancy! Its from my fav shop its brand new and they have amazing stuff! Like I seriously want everything!! check it out and thank me later!

* special thanks to for sponsoring this post.

Chambray Dress

Chambray dress. That One Blonde chick FT. The Mint Julep

Chambray dress. That One Blonde chick FT. The Mint Julep

Chambray dress. That One Blonde chick FT. The Mint Julep

Chambray dress. That One Blonde chick FT. The Mint Julep

Chambray dress. That One Blonde chick FT. The Mint Julep


Hi I have been so awful at updating my site! BUT I’m back ladies!! I have talked about it a ton I feel like but the winter blues really got to me this winter! I sorta wanted to make out with that ground hog when he saw no shadow! An early spring is seriously what I needed!! You guys know how much I love to dress up and look nice. Mostly cause literally 99% of my days are spent with a sloppy top knot and in gym clothes. #MOMLIFE

I am really loving dresses with long sleeves for spring! I’m seeing chambray everything for spring so why not a chambray dress?! This one is from The Mint Julep you can shop it HERE! I also love throwing on a pair of glasses to change up my look. I have a bunch of really stylish pairs from Forever Glasses. They are really affordable! you can shop my faves here.

I have been taking a sabbatical  from tutorials. I cut my bangs again. (HUGE MISTAKE!) I hated my hair now I’m growing said bangs out and I still don’t love my hair. Not going to lie. Not liking my hair makes me not want to style it. But I am working on a few ideas for tutorials and hopefully I’ll be able to fall in love with my hair again! If anyone has suggestions of hairstyles they wanna see. Leave a comment here or leave me a comment on Instagram! @ChristineyAllen

*Special thanks to The Mint Julep for sponsoring this post.

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