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Owlet Smart Sock 2



I am so so excited to share the most amazing baby product with you guys! Its straight outta the future! Its the Owlet Smart Sock 2!  Heaven sent for all moms of newborns. It doesn’t matter how many babies I have. Bringing home a newborn is the scariest most anxiety inducing thing ever! I guarantee I’m not the only parent who spends the first few nights at home sneaking out of bed to make sure your baby is still breathing.

Since we started using the Owlet smart sock 2 I can check on her and make sure her oxygen levels and heart rate are normal in real time right from my smart phone. So I stay nice and cozy in bed!

My favorite is when it says “Amelia is wiggling” even though it can’t get a great reading when she is moving and works best when she is sleeping. The thought of her wiggling makes me smile. Wiggly babies are so dang cute!!

If your not familiar with what the owlet sock does It goes on your babes cute tiny foot and it is designed to notify you if your little ones heart rate or oxygen levels fall outside of the preset zones. It uses similar technology as a hospital monitor. Just simplified for the home user. If the levels do go outside the presets it is designed to alert you with the base AND the owlet app on your smart phone. It plays rock a bye baby, its pretty cute. It is honestly the coolest and I’m so grateful for this type of technology! I am a highly anxious person especially about my babies and this gives me such peace of mind.

This version of the sock is brand new and very much improved

A few of the updated features:
• Improved bluetooth range, up to a 12x increase (100 feet), between the Smart Sock and Base Station
• Innovative new sock design, offering a more secure fit
• Easier, more intuitive sock placement, meaning fewer false notifications due to more accurate sensor placement
• Enhanced smartphone app for improved user experience
• Advancements in firmware and hardware to reduce false notifications
• Updated fabric sock can be worn on both feet, allowing parents to alternate as needed, as well as breathable toes through all sock sizes

This product is a serious game changer! I loose lots of sleep worrying about SIDS the owlet monitor is up all night so I don’t have to be.

The smart sock is $299 but the peace of mind is seriously priceless! Available to purchase at

*A special thanks to Owlet Care for sponsoring this post.

Date Night with Larry H. Miller Lexus + GIVEAWAY!

I was approached by Larry H. Miller Lexus of Lindon for a collaboration. They wanted to let us choose a car and send Todd and sponsor date night for us! Say what?? YES PLEASE! I know very little about cars so I was actually really excited to learn more about the Lexus brand and the Lindon dealership. Ever since sweet Millie came along we haven’t hardly left the house let alone had a date night!

I let Todd choose the car he chose the 2017 ES 350. You guys…. this car is NUTS! So incredibly nice! Way nicer than any car we have owned! A few of my fav things were The gray leather interior, the smell of the gray leather interior (AMAZING!), when you drift out of your lane the steering wheel vibrates to alert you, When it started to lightly rain the windshield wipers came on automatically! My most favorite thing of all was how there was no goldfish cracker smashed into the carpet! haha After driving in that car it has inspired me to go my my car detailed!

My Mom came over to babysit the girls and Todd and I ran away for the night! We seriously had the best date! We went to city creek and I accidentally bought a few things(oops) Then we had dinner at The Melting Pot. The dessert is soo amazing!! It was so weird without the kids with us! We could chat without getting interrupted every 2 seconds! We talked about how on earth you would balance having a secret second family. ( haha I have no idea why) Then we talked about the 5 love languages Todd had no idea what they were so we both learned a lot! Talk to your hubby about it so you can both feel more loved!


I’ve teamed up with LARRY H. MILLER LEXUS OF LINDON to giveaway the same date night experience! Cruise around in the Lexus of your choice and they will give you a $100 gift card to any restaurant ! the giveaway runs March 1st through March 8th.


  • ‘Like’ LHM Lexus of Lindon on Facebook 
  • Follow LHM Lexus on Instagram
  • Comment on my instagram post telling me where you would choose to go to dinner (we are always looking for fun new restaurants! @christineyallen

Winner will be announced on March 8th good luck!

The Perfect Car Seat Guide for Precious Cargo

how to choose the right car seat for your precious cargo. how to choose the right car seat for your precious cargo. how to choose the right car seat for your precious cargo. how to choose the right car seat for your precious cargo.

Girls dresses: OLD NAVY Floral swaddle blanket: Saranoni Diaper Bag: Fawn Design My lip color: Stila Patina

Even though I already have 2 other babies buying baby gear is still so intimidating!! Kate is 3 1/2 and baby stuff has evolved like crazy! There are so many cool brands and gadgets that are new that I know nothing about.

I decided we needed a new infant car seat cause ours has been through 2 babies, billions of blow outs and way too much spit up to measure basically its DISGUSTING! Even though its washed and clean I want something new for our third babe! Being the 3rd girl means so many hand me downs. She deserves something to be new and not totally gross haha! Plus new things are just more fun!

I started searching there were so many awesome products it is so intimidating! Luckily The Baby Cubby came in and saved the day! They only sale the best of the best in baby gear! Basically its like consumer report for baby stuff and its amazing! All the best looking high quality stuff plus they price match! Even with Amazon you guys!! The baby cubby has made it so easy to find the best of everything and what is best for you specifically providing you with all the info you need so you can make an informed decision especially when it comes to the safety of you baby. For parents there is nothing more important than that! The Definitive Car Seat Buying Guide became my new best friend!

Lucky for me I have lots of friends who have new babies and were able to tell me their experiences with the carseats and what they loved about them. between the baby cubby guide and my very wise pals I’ve narrowed it down to my top two.



Nuna Pipa Blackberry is my top contender. I mean just look at it! Its so sleek and such a gorgeous color! Not to mention its one of the lightest on the market! Which is super attractive cause these suckers get so heavy with a chunky baby inside. I’ll be herding around 3 little girls and I cannot be weighed down with a huge heavy car seat! I love products that make being a mom a little easier. Plus I mean, its so pretty! I feel like we keep circling around to the look of it but… I can’t stop staring!!


Britax B safe  is another contender. It has immaculate safety ratings. Side impact tested, steel frame. I mean like I mentioned above safety of your tiny little babe is the most important thing! Plus it is also super cute ( not purple) but a really good neutral. PLUS its on sale right now!!


Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30 rounds out my top 3. Another super light car seat and the handle is designed to be easy to carry. But the clincher for this seat is that it wins the award for the EASIEST to clean! No need for unthreading the harness those things are a pain in the butt! So this baby girl can have all the blow outs she wants. The fabric is self wicking, it deodorizes and draws liquid away from baby keeping her dryish and happy. Besides this bad boy is so easy to clean it aint no thang!

I’m not sure how I’ll be able to choose. If you guys have strong feelings about any of these I would love to hear it!!

Check out The Baby Cubby they have a store in Lindon utah if you are local or you can shop online Thank me later!

  • Special to the baby cubby for sponsoring this post!


Miracle Moisturizer

Miracle Moisturizer Miracle Moisturizer  Miracle Moisturizer

I feel like its my duty as a woman, nay as a human to let every one in on my new skin secret. I have been using Biossance The Revilatizer for about a month and a half and at this point I cant ever see myself using anything else! I have really interesting skin. My face is really dry but at half way through the day I am soo oily! Like almost like Julia from bachelor in paradise oily. (Sorry to bring it up again but I CANNOT get over it) So I find that most facial moisturizers are either too heavy and make me greasy or too light and make me look flaky! umm YUCK!

Biossance is all natural and the main ingredient is Squalane which is something your body used to produce naturally you stop making it when you are in your late teens. Its important and we need it to keep that youthful glow! This stuff is like crack for your face and I’m totally addicted and I cant go a day with out it! my skin looks revitalized and it so smooth with out being overly moisturized! it has so many other uses I’ll write out a list of the ways I use it!

After I wash my face at night before bed 3-4 drops

After I wake up I rise my face a apply it before make up

I’ll rub some on my hands and work into hair when I have lots of static

I dab a little on my cuticles when the need some lovin

If your skin is really dry like in the winter for example you can mix it right in with your foundation for locked in moisture.

BONUS the packaging is so clean and beautiful and that is a giant plus for me!

*Thanks to Biossance for sponsoring this post!!

Workin’ on my fitness

I have had so many people asking me questions about the 12 week fitness plan I just finished and I wanted to write a more in depth explanation on why I loved it!

So just let me start off by saying it WAS NOT EASY! But making real lasting change with your body never is. Also I was not unhappy with my body when I started. I was doing really intense circuit work outs 3 times a week and I felt like I was getting fit. Then out of the blue my cute friend Tahnee from hair school asked if I was interested in trying her program I said heck yes!!  Then I had my husband take my before pics… I honestly didn’t know I looked like that! All it takes is seeing really unflattering photos of your self straight to camera. I wanted to cry a little but mostly I was crazy motivated to get started! If you have been following me for long you probably know that I have been recovering from Graves’ Disease for about 2 years. You can read more about that in my story.
So the run down is that Tahnee sends you a weekly meal plan and a grocery shopping list along with an approved food list. She makes it really easy to eat healthy and she also sends you articles about why you might want to eat this way. To be honest most of the time I won’t eat healthy cause it just doesn’t taste good but Tahnee proved me wrong eating healthy clean meals can absolutely taste good and I feel awesome after eating all these meals!
Now let me talk about my favorite part… THE WORK OUTS!! Most of the specific workouts I had never heard of! (i.e man makers, preacher curl etc.) Not gonna lie I found myself standing at the gym several times googling how to do certain things. I didn’t mind at all cause I love trying new things! Remember when I said I was doing a really tough work out 3 times a week? I was practically doing the same work out for months! I might have seen some results at the beginning but I plateaued HARD! With all these new crazy work outs there was no way that could happen. She gives you 5 works outs per week with an optional 6 work out and I always take the full 6 workouts! Going to the gym daily works out awesome for my girls and  because our gym has a incredible child care center and my girls beg me to take them every day. I started seeing muscles in my legs that I have never ever had before! It started happening right with in the first few weeks and it motivated me to keep pushing every week. I’ll be honest I might not have been religious about the clean eating but I was with the workout and I got results I was very happy with.
I’m starting the program over again this week along with 200+ other highly motivated ladies this time I’m going to really work on the eating! I love junk food! It’s a serious problem. I can hit an entire bag of chips harder than Leo DiCaprio hits on models. (Hi-yo)
Like I mentioned before I have Graves’ disease and along with that comes severe anxiety I ended up needing to be on medication cause it got really ridiculous but about 6 weeks in to the program I was able to go off my meds cause in the words of Reese Witherspoon “Working out gives endorphins and endorphins make you happy and happy people just don’t shoot their husbands” or in my case never leave the house and curl up in a corner and hug myself haha.
It’s the best feeling in the world to feel good about your body and feel healthy and strong. I’m really excited to push it even harder this go around and I’ll keep you posted.
fit fit1 fit2

Cutest Graphic Tees ever!!

We love these Best friends tees so much! Feeling oh so patriotic in their Red, white and Navy! We cant wait for the 4th its pretty much our fav holiday!

Even though these two fight like sisters (go figure) I usually end up tickling Kate after diaper changes she will reach out for Joss and say “Help me!” Joss always yells back “NEVER!” Some times Joss is too cool for her kid sister but most of the time they really are the best little buddies.

Lately their favorite game to play is the punching game. They take turns sticking their chests out and letting other punch them. I have no idea why I let it happen but they just cant stop laughing their heads off so I allow it. At least I will until they can actually hurt each other. I really need to catch it on video cause its hilarious!  We got these cute graphic tees from The Blue Envelope home of the happy alphabet tees! Love this company and all they stand for! follow them on instagram @the_blue_envelopeBest Friend TeesBest Friend Tees Best Friend Tees Best Friend Tees Best Friend Tees mama tee. Best Mama tee

Unicorn Party

Unicorn Party
Unicorn PartyUnicorn PartyUnicorn PartyUnicorn PartyUnicorn Party


My Jossie babe is FOUR!! What?? She wanted a unicorn party so that is what she got!! It turned out so cute she was in heaven! I was able to get all of the darling party supplies from Stripes to Sparkle including the cute Unicorn garland, the unicorn cupcake toppers a the pretty glittery “four” cake topper! The shop is taking a short break for now cause she is swamped with current projects, rightly so cause her stuff is AMAZE!! you can click the above link and get an email alert right as soon as she opens shop back up! I will love this little shop forever for sending them over and making her party absolutely perfect!  So lets all shop small y’all and support small businesses!

Plus all of my siblings (the fab 5) were able to be with Joss for her special day! We haven’t all been together for about 4 1/2 years! So amazing having us all in the same room! I LOVE my family!!



Unicorn Party

Unicorn Party

This face.. I die!!!
Unicorn Party Unicorn Party

Joss had the cutest little present helper! Baby sisters rule! 
Unicorn Party Unicorn Party Unicorn Party

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New skin magic


So last week I posted a photo of my skin and after I took the photo and I thought it look like it had been photoshopped cause my skin has never looked so great! I was finally able to sit down and put this post together! So let me let you the mystery product is PERFECTLY POSH! Have you heard of perfectly Posh products? I hadn’t really so let me just tell you why they are so great!! They are a new company based out of SLC. They use all natural ingredients. No paragons, no sulfates, no petroleum, no gluten fillers! YAY! biggest bonus is that none of their products cost over $25!!

My cute friend Steph is a rep for them and reached out to me and offered to send me samples. So I thought what the heck who would wanna try FREE samples? I got them in the mail and first of all they were all in pretty little pink baggies and the packaging just spoke to me! it’s so cute! Then I opened them and gave them all a great sniff. Cause everyone does that right? I can’t even begin to describe the heaven that is inside every product! I tested out a whole slew of products so I’ll give you the deets of the top  5 products I can’t live with out!

Products I’ll be purchasing

perfectly posh

Apricots Overnight moisturizing face mask I put it on my face after I’ve washed my face and right before bed. You get to go to bed  with your face smelling so good that you might even dream your frolicking through an orchard. Then boom you wake up in the morning with soft and supple skin. Most moisturizers I use make my skin really oily especially when I used them over night. Not the case with this one my friends! I only use it once or twice a week. I will probably end up using it a little more once full blown summer hits and the dry heat gives my skin a beating.

Perftelt posh

Make out Magic sugar lip scrub So ummm.. I like making out and I like magic so this is a no brainer! My favorite thing about this is that you don’t need to wash it off you can slap it on rub your lips together and thats it! Smooth, soft lips! Exfoliating my lips is important cause I like to rock a ton of bold lip colors and if you have chapped lips underneath its soo yuck!



Snarky Bar Based on the scent alone this is a slam dunk! It’s got shea butter, mandarin, freesia, lily, and sandalwood and tiny beads that help buff off dead skin and leave you so soft and smelling like a dang angel! Seriously its so good! I use it in the shower before I apply my sunless tanner, I feel pretty confident to call it the John Stockton of sunless tan assisting. Helps the tan go on nice and even. To read about my fav sunless tanner click here


BFF Best Face Forever. So I have a thing for exfoliating apparently haha. This scrub has millions of microbeads gently make your face so awesome and smooth that you wanna use it everyday. I use it every other day cause its so gentle!! Helps my make up go on so smooth and my skin even looks nice when my face is butt naked so SCORE!!!

Night & Day Olive and Lavender moisturizer I use this after I wash my face in the morning and at night when I don’t use the Apricots at night cream it’s a nice light moisturizer my skin doesn’t get oily so its perfect underneath my make up.



If you need these products in your life and don’t know a Perfectly Posh rep don’t fret I know a guy. click here to order online! Easy peasy. Or if you have questions or want to try samples Steph has been kind enough to give out her phone number! call or text her at 435-851-6440

Heres to great skin this summer!! Cheers!


Bloke Body

Chai Vanilla Scrub. Bloke Body

Chai Vanilla Scrub. Bloke Body

Chai Vanilla Scrub. Bloke Body

Chai Vanilla Scrub. Bloke Body

Chai Vanilla Scrub. Bloke Body



As of late I have been googling and pinteresting (is that a word?) DIY coffee scrubs and thats when Bloke Body came into my life THANKFULLY! Cause I can tell you all of the foul smelling coffee concoctions I would have fallen short of the beautifully packaged heaven that is in each pack of Bloke body scrub! Its a really great idea to exfoliate once a week to keep your skin fresh and glowing!

Fun fact. your skin cells regenerate every 28 days. Your new skin cells are fighting their way to the surface but if our old dry flaky skin cells are in the way, then we are so not putting our best face forward!! 2, 4, 6, 8, do yourself a favor and exfoliate!!! Thats a cheer we should all say sometime. Or maybe not…. yeah probably not.

Instructions:For best results and easy clean up I do the full body scrub in the shower. I shampoo and rinse then I throw on conditioner (a deep conditioner would be perfect for this) and I turn off the water and get a heaping fist full of scrub and rub it all over damp skin using circular motions till I’m sufficiently scrubbed then rinse off and continue my shower as usual! Then my skin feels great and I feel like I got pampered for a sec, then its back to diaper duty!!

So im reviewing my experience with the scrub. Let me hit you with some pros and cons.


My skin feels brand new. Like newborn baby brand new. So Soft

Love using it on my face its gentle leaves my skin glowing  and makes my make up go on like BUTTA!

Its all natural organic and vegan. not tested on animals only on babes. (their words not mine)

The smell is what dreams are made of. Its like sugar cookie heaven.



It doesn’t taste as good as it smells. I know this because I accidentally (on purpose) got some in my mouth. So just take my word for it!

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Dabbling Duck Boutique

Dabbling Duck Boutique. That One Blonde Chick

Dabbling Duck Boutique. That One Blonde Chick


Dabbling Duck Boutique. That One Blonde Chick

Dabbling Duck Boutique. That One Blonde Chick

Dabbling Duck Boutique. That One Blonde ChickI came across the cutest instagram page for Dabbling Duck Boutique bibs. I was thrilled when they reached out to me to try their bibs and do a review. I know what your thinking. My baby is kind of hugeshe just turned 2 she doesn’t wear bibs as often as she used to. The lovely ladies over at dabbling duck pointed out that these bibs are perfect for older kids and babies alike. So you guys please notice that this bib is like a full on shirt. When I put other bibs on Kate they hardly cover her chest and are no defense for all the spaghetti slinging that happens with this little walking hurricane! So lets just think of it as a poncho against all the wet and sticky stuff babies end up covered head (seriously, why does they always smear everything in their hair…just why??) to toe in.

Like I said before its practically a shirt that covers her entire torso and it even has sleeves. Bonus it ties in the back so baby can’t rip it off. We always put Kate in it to eat lunch right before we head off to church to keep her fancy attire perfectly intact. But wait…. theres more! it’s REVERSIBLE and spoiler alert both sides are darling! we are huge fans!! So this picky little eater can eat all the blackberries and Spaghettios she could ever dream of.

This post was sponsored by Dabbling Duck Boutique.

Dabbling Duck pink and gold bib