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Kate’s Flamingo Party

 Little miss Kate had a cute little flamingo party. I am a little obsessed with those pretty pink birds. I know my days are numbered for picking the girls party themes so I do as i pleased for now.  I can’t believe my baby is two! You will notice that she stared out her terrible twos with off with a BANG! Her pouting in front of her tickled pink to be turning two sign is just classic! Totally true to Kate form. She is a little sassy thing but I wouldn’t have her any other way. She’s perfect!

I have had some requests to see the whole party. You can find all the party details are below!



Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party

Pink flamingo family here // Flamingo straws here // Flamingo tooth picks here

Chalkboard Sign from You doll Designs // Flora Flamingo book// The lovely cake was made by a family friend


Bloke Body

Chai Vanilla Scrub. Bloke Body

Chai Vanilla Scrub. Bloke Body

Chai Vanilla Scrub. Bloke Body

Chai Vanilla Scrub. Bloke Body

Chai Vanilla Scrub. Bloke Body



As of late I have been googling and pinteresting (is that a word?) DIY coffee scrubs and thats when Bloke Body came into my life THANKFULLY! Cause I can tell you all of the foul smelling coffee concoctions I would have fallen short of the beautifully packaged heaven that is in each pack of Bloke body scrub! Its a really great idea to exfoliate once a week to keep your skin fresh and glowing!

Fun fact. your skin cells regenerate every 28 days. Your new skin cells are fighting their way to the surface but if our old dry flaky skin cells are in the way, then we are so not putting our best face forward!! 2, 4, 6, 8, do yourself a favor and exfoliate!!! Thats a cheer we should all say sometime. Or maybe not…. yeah probably not.

Instructions:For best results and easy clean up I do the full body scrub in the shower. I shampoo and rinse then I throw on conditioner (a deep conditioner would be perfect for this) and I turn off the water and get a heaping fist full of scrub and rub it all over damp skin using circular motions till I’m sufficiently scrubbed then rinse off and continue my shower as usual! Then my skin feels great and I feel like I got pampered for a sec, then its back to diaper duty!!

So im reviewing my experience with the scrub. Let me hit you with some pros and cons.


My skin feels brand new. Like newborn baby brand new. So Soft

Love using it on my face its gentle leaves my skin glowing  and makes my make up go on like BUTTA!

Its all natural organic and vegan. not tested on animals only on babes. (their words not mine)

The smell is what dreams are made of. Its like sugar cookie heaven.



It doesn’t taste as good as it smells. I know this because I accidentally (on purpose) got some in my mouth. So just take my word for it!

This post was sponsored*

Dabbling Duck Boutique

Dabbling Duck Boutique. That One Blonde Chick

Dabbling Duck Boutique. That One Blonde Chick


Dabbling Duck Boutique. That One Blonde Chick

Dabbling Duck Boutique. That One Blonde Chick

Dabbling Duck Boutique. That One Blonde ChickI came across the cutest instagram page for Dabbling Duck Boutique bibs. I was thrilled when they reached out to me to try their bibs and do a review. I know what your thinking. My baby is kind of hugeshe just turned 2 she doesn’t wear bibs as often as she used to. The lovely ladies over at dabbling duck pointed out that these bibs are perfect for older kids and babies alike. So you guys please notice that this bib is like a full on shirt. When I put other bibs on Kate they hardly cover her chest and are no defense for all the spaghetti slinging that happens with this little walking hurricane! So lets just think of it as a poncho against all the wet and sticky stuff babies end up covered head (seriously, why does they always smear everything in their hair…just why??) to toe in.

Like I said before its practically a shirt that covers her entire torso and it even has sleeves. Bonus it ties in the back so baby can’t rip it off. We always put Kate in it to eat lunch right before we head off to church to keep her fancy attire perfectly intact. But wait…. theres more! it’s REVERSIBLE and spoiler alert both sides are darling! we are huge fans!! So this picky little eater can eat all the blackberries and Spaghettios she could ever dream of.

This post was sponsored by Dabbling Duck Boutique.

Dabbling Duck pink and gold bib

DIY Dalmatian Wall Stencil

dalmatian bathroom

We all have seen the beauty that is the dalmatian wallpaper. Its beautiful! I have been itching to get this fun print in my house but was too nervous to dive in and make a room a loud print, so I picked our powder bath. It is a small space and I felt like I could get away with a busy print. Its a fun way to make a statement and surprise your guests without going over the top. For example, having a huge living room wall with bright orange damask wallpaper. Cmon people Liberace doesn’t live here! Even tho that would be incredibly RAD! I love the dalmatian wallpaper but hi….I’m poor and I like a challenge, so I volunteered myself and my hubs to make our own custom stencil! It was a time consuming project but not difficult really. We went all Cruella Deville up in here! I had my thyroidectomy back in May and I knew I would have a lot of down time, so I started the stencil then. It was tedious work but I did all of it while under the influence of heavy narcotics, so if I could do it, anyone can. Im kinda wondering why no one intervened and took away my X-acto knife. I was clearly in to condition to use it!

What you’ll need:

Martha Stewart adhesive stencil film

X acto Knife

Painters Tape

Dalmatian print out

cardboard (or anything to slide under stencil sheet while you cut out dots to not scratch work space)

Sponge brush


We called over Trav-the-tool-man-Taylor (my brother in law) to help us learn how to do the Batton board on the wall. It makes any space instantly look custom, more expensive, and fancy and who doesn’t want that?? There are several tutorials on how to do that, so check out here and here.

 photo 2-3

I started combing google images for a dalmatian print that I liked. I found this one and printed off several copies. I taped them over my stencil sheet and just started cutting them out dot by dot.

photo 3-2 photo 1-2

Make sure you have something underneath where you are poking through the stencil or you could permanently disfigure your workspace. I just used cardboard that I hoard in my garage for some unknown reason. I was practically giddy when I found a use for it.

 photo 2-2

Finally its all done. Ain’t she a beaut?

photo 3-3

photo 4

photo 5-2

Just stick it up and use your sponge brush and start dabbing away. IMPORTANT: Be sure to not have too much paint on your brush or you will get serious bleedage under your stencil. That’s THE WORST! My favorite thing about this stencil is that is doesn’t need to be perfectly spaced. You can fill in spots by making misshapen dots using the corner of your brush. It takes no artistic ability at all. I also liked to flip my stencil over every now and then so I didn’t have any sort of uniform look happening. It took what seemed like forever but between Todd and I we finally got this sucker done!



You can find these at  Z Gallerie.




I’m so happy with the way it worked out and Todd is really happy I saved him several hundred dollars. Let me know if you have and further questions or comments! If you make your own stencil I’d love to see it! tag me on instagram @christineyallen and use the hashtag #thatoneblondechickproject Computer high five!

XO, Christine


wooden bead bracelets


I saw these super cute bracelets on Pinterest a while back and I decided to try my hand at making my own. They turned out darling if I do say so myself! They were really easy to make even Joslyn joined in on the fun, though it made everything take 10x longer she was so proud that she helped make her very own bracelet. I’ve been having way to much fun making them I made a few bright colored ones for my girls, I made a bridal themed one for a family friend and One with fall hues for myself! We get a lot of compliments on them. Here is the tutorial let me know if you have any questions!

What you’ll need:

Wooden beads

painters tape

acrylic paint

small paint brush

decorative beads

decorative charm (optional)

embroidery floss

jump rings (large and small)

metallic bead cord I used 1mm

E6000 glue

Geesh now that I wrote it out that seems like a lot of items! luckily you can find everything at hobby lobby and it’s practically all in the jewelry isle, there are so many fun beads and charms to choose from you could go crazy and make holiday themed ones! I think I’ll make my girls some for Christmas I’ll post them when I do. Everything is pretty inexpensive too so that a plus!

Lets get started shall we?

image image image

Step one. Paint your beads! Wrap your painters tape all the way around  horizontally covering half of the bead. Just be sure the tape over laps to avoid bleeding and that it is a relatively straight line. I used the tape that hangs off the bead to hold on to while painting. It actually worked put quite nicely. I did 2 or 3 coats on each bead. It goes by pretty quick once you get a system going I swear! Use as many different colors as your little heart desires! I used 4-5 colors per bracelet depending on the size. Less for kids more for adults.


step 2. Make your tassel this step you can mostly follow the photos step by step.  I took my Embroidery floss and cut it in half, that way I can get two tassels out of it. After I cut it I pulled out two strands and set aside.

image image

thread all your floss through your large jump ring. fold in half then tie a square knot right up by the top with your two strands you left out. Cut off the strings and cut the bottom of the fringe so its nice and even.

It’s not pictured but I did hook the large jump ring onto the smaller one to attach it on to the bracelet but its not really necessary. You may need pliers for that.


Step 3.Measure your wrist by wrapping the chord around it and leave a little longer than you think so when you add your beads it wont make it too tight.

Step 4. Once you cut it string all your beads in the order you like. Add your charm and tassel. I tied the chord in a square knot and added a dot of E6000 right on the Knot to make sure it would never ever ever be able to come undone! That glue is dead serious!


Step 5. slip it on and admire all your hard work!

My little ladies got umbrella charms because Joslyn is always talking about her “regular umbrella” as opposed to an irregular umbrella? haha I have no idea.  I never want to forget all the silly things she says so this will serve as a good reminder.



bracelet invitation

So cute right??? I tracked down the original source of the pin in case you want to skip making your own and buy one from Caged Bird she has lots of gorgeous stuff! If you decide to make your own bracelet I’d love to see how it turned out! Tag me on instagram @christineyallen and use the hashtag #thatoneblondechickproject



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