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Summer Boho Dutch Braid

This weeks tutorial for Mindy Mae’s market is this summery boho braid perfect for casual days. its super simple and only takes a few minutes! Its one of my new favorites! Mindy Mae’s is having a bunch of new releases coming up. Cant wait for you all to see!

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Hope you learn can something new from this tutorial if you have any requests I’m always all ears! Leave a comment below or on my instagram @christineyallen and if you recreate this look I would LOVE to see it. Tag me on insta or you can you the hashtag #MMMbeauty.

boho hanging dutch braid




15 Freezer Meals For Under $100

15 Freezer Meals for Under $100.

Okay so the fact that I’m posting about cooking at all is laughable! A few weeks ago my little 3 year old Joslyn declared that she wanted a kitchen for her birthday and my husband tells her “You can just have your mom’s, she doesn’t use it.” At first I was like “gasp… how dare you??” then I was all like “Meh.. you’ve definitely got a point there so touche! I don’t know what is wrong with me! I came from a home where my mom was an incredible cook. She always wanted to teach me but I never was interested in learning. Now I suck at cooking and I hate myself everyday for it. I know I’m a woman and it should be ingrained into my soul but I guess I’m just an outlier like that. Another reason I don’t cook is that It takes time to plan It takes skill it takes desire and ain’t nobody got time for that! Mostly I hate making the mess so therefore I just don’t do it!

We would eat out every single night. I don’t even want to tell you how many times a week we ate at Cafe Rio cause its shameful and it would terrify you! Not only were we spend a damn fortune but most of it was garbage food that we should never allow yourselves or your family to eat. Unless you are raising a slew of future sumo wrestlers cause then thats exactly what you would want them to eat. Luckily for me I have a cute and super health conscious Sister in law Janae. who has Celiacs Disease. She invited me to split this 30 gluten freezer meal plan with her. I jumped right on board cause I was desperate to start feeding my family home cooked meals! Now I make a freaking delicious dinner for them every single day and it’s as easy as dumping contents from a ziplock freezer bag into my trusty crock pot. I might refer to her as my personal chef Ruby and she is the!

We used this guide from Fall apart with joy She breaks down the recipes and shopping list you will need and she makes it so easy! It makes 30 meals for around $200 depending on the brands of all the ingredients you buy. We split the cost and the work and knocked out 30 meals in less than two and a half hours. It was actually really easy. We got to chat and rock out to chipmunk music and our kids all got to play together and babysit each other! My family seriously loves every meal they are seriously delicious! I just wanted to share for any one else who hates cooking but wants their family to eat yummy healthy food. Enjoy and I’d love to hear feed back on how you like the meals!!

Stay healthy,

15 Freezer Meals for Under $100.

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Name Changer!


I’m a little sad to say that Confetti Darling is no more. The blog got a make over and it is so fetch! (I’m still trying to make fetch happen) We are on to bigger and better things like becoming a “.com.” It’s like the blog turned 18 and decided it wanted to legally change it’s name and look. Well the blog wants what it wants so there just wasn’t anything I could do. I just rolled with it and now I have this lovely new site with a new name! I’m so glad the blog grew out of that horribly awkward stage. Phew! Well….truth be told I went to buy the domain for Confetti Darling but someone already snatched it up. DAG NABBIT! So I had to go with another direction.

I’ll quickly share a few of the many reasons I started this blog. I really enjoy being crafty! I guess you could say I’m a hopeless cheapskate, I really enjoy long romantic walks down the isles of hobby lobby. I’ve got restoration hardware taste on a thrift store budget. I love to create. I kind of live for when people say “OMG Christine I am obsessed with that, where did you get it?” Then I’m all. “I made it! BOOM!” At my house there are always random theoretical explosions happening. Not in a war zone kind of way but more like a cheesy magician kind of way.

My hubby is truly great at every facet of life he’s easy on the eyes for starters, he’s a hard worker, he’s incredibly ambitious and self motivating, he’s a terrific father, and smartest smarty pants I know.  BUT he doesn’t particularly like house projects. That’s actually putting it too delicately. He HATES them! By nature he just isn’t a handy guy nor does he wish to be. I’m cool with that, I’ve decided I’m going to stop being a damsel in distress and stop waiting for hubby to fix, paint or build this or that. I’m gonna learn how to do it all myself. I’m going to  just go do the things I’m passionate about. Although I’m sure I’ll still bounce ideas off of him and ask him to help with things that I’m not tall enough to reach or I may have to ask him to open a jar or two. (Seriously why do they make those jars so damn hard to open?).

I love doing hair! I’m a hairstylist. I’d love to share the tips and tricks I have learned over the years. I am a clip in extension addict. They are the greatest thing to happen since sliced bread. I just love making people feel beautiful and good about themselves! My three year old has hair like Rapunzel. I’ll do hair posts about toddler hairstyles too! If I can get her to sit still for long enough that is!

I’m a stay at home mom of two little girls my life is full of pink clothes, pink toys, essentially  lots and lots of pink, never ending tubes of lipstick, bum wiping, and a non stop game of pick up/catch up. To borrow the words of my girl Mindy Kaling ” I’m constantly in a state of self improvement, but I don’t beat myself up about it.” I’m going to conquer my life with one DIY project, and one fairy princess tea party at a time! I love my little family we have a pretty good thing going ya know? It might all be silly but the silliness is kind of my jam!

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