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Health update

If you are new to my blog you may not know that I have an autoimmune disease called Graves disease and hyperthyroidism. I was diagnosed when I was 35 weeks pregnant with my daughter Kate. It was a nightmare! If you wanna read more about my diagnosis and Kate’s very dramatic birth you can head over to My Story in the main menu. Its a thyroid disease that effects your entire body.  I  have been struggling with my health for about 3 years now. I went over a year with out even knowing that I had a disease and my health completely deteriorated. I just thought was way out of shape and I was really embarrassed about it and I didn’t ever really tell anyone about it. I was completely winded when I would simply walk up a flight of stairs. I remember once when I was on vacation with my husbands family we all went for a family jog and I couldn’t even run for 30 seconds. I was so embarrassed!  I would even have to sit and take a break when I was folding laundry I was standing still what the heck?!! It was so frustrating to me cause I always considered myself to be a fit and healthy person. At 22 I thought my healthy days were already behind me. Even though I was completely out of shape I was the skinniest I had ever been. Like grossly skinny. swing



These photos are a great example of what my body went through. My thyroid was putting out too much hormone, kicking my metabolism into high gear. It was working so hard that it ended up burning up all of my muscle. They call it muscle wasting. Thats exactly what my muscles did. They wasted away to nothing! Look at those puny arms! Just skin and bones! My appetite was out of control all I did was eat cause my body constantly needed fuel to burn and I was exhausted always! Since my metabolism was so out of control my poor heart was taking a beating! I was have heart palpitations constantly. I was always sweaty and out of breath.  My heart would pound so hard I felt like my head would explode. I was later diagnosed with a heart condition and put on heart medication. I still had no idea I had a disease. In my mind major health problems couldn’t happen to me. I was young and healthy. yeah… not so much!


The other thing that came along with Graves’ was bulging irritated eyes, chronic dry eye and chronic sinusitis. This is what I struggle with the most I can’t help but be really self conscious. they are still really big but not as glossy and blood shot as they used to be thank goodness. Thanks to eye steroid drops things are so much better! I just have to be careful how I wear my eye make up. I have learned I can’t under any circumstances line my inner rim. You tell me, do my eyes look like they are having a good time in this photo? haha



My health this past year has turned the corner and I have felt so much better! I did the thing that lots of people warned me against. For some people with hyperthyroidism about 30% can go into remission. After over a year of trying my doctors told me I was not likely to be part of the 30 percenters. So I made the decision to have a total thyroidectomy. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I did! Hyperthyroidism is very tricky to treat. I was going to my endocrinologist and getting blood draws monthly and it was a real big pain! Now that I have no thyroid I technically have hypothyroidism and folks its so much easier to medicate. I take synthroid its a synthetic hormone I will have to take for the rest of my life. Before my surgery I was on antithyroid medication. It caused me major join stiffness there were days I contemplated just cutting my shirt off cause I couldn’t lift my arms over my head and it was so painful! I was also slightly allergic to my medication and It gave my miserably itchy white rashes all over the backs of my legs.

Now I do have a fun scar on my neck that I don’t love. I can feel people staring at it when Im talking but I will take that over having crappy health any day! I have high hopes that it will disappear one day.scar

I feel so much healthier now! I used to be so intimidated by the gym cause I always felt so defeated in my own body. Now I am so happy to say I am the healthiest and strongest I have ever been! I have been doing HIIT ( high intensity interval training) classes 3 times a week. This class always intimidated me cause never in my wildest dreams would I be able to keep up. Now I freaking live for this class!  I have never ever been the person who loves to work out. Now I’m one of those freaks who craves the gym and gross sweaty work out! I am really embarrassed to share these photos but I’m so happy that I have put on so much muscle and I can be a better mom to my kids and not a mom who is constantly sick and no fun. I’m actually getting a little emotional as I’m writing this I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have my health back.






Last summer I ran a half marathon with my girl Whitney. I literally loathed every single second of it but I was so happy and proud that my body could do it!

Stay Golden,


Halloween party!!!

This weekend was the annual Allen family Halloween party in Saint George! I was a dork and only took a few photos. My cute mother in law Cindy always goes all out. There was a fashion show, pumpkin carving, frosting sugar cookies with halloween sprinkles, a halloween piñata, a cake walk with tons of prizes. Joslyn was anxiously counting “sleeps”  for the days leading up to the big bash! I love all the fun traditions my girls get to be a part of! I originally wanted the girls to be Dorothy and Glinda the good witch for halloween and Joss was so on board! My mom gave the wizard of Oz to Joss for her birthday she thought it was a little creepy but she loved it and wanted Todd to be the scarecrow. Then we went to disneyland and my plans turned to crap!  Long story short. The park was closing so Todd was gonna run across the park to go buy Joss an Elsa nightgown cause her cousin Kolbie has one and Joss dies over it every time she sees it. He is such a cute daddy and sprinted with Joslyn in tow the whole way around the park and he came back with a very expensive and GLITTERY dress and a VERY happy Joslyn. He later regretted buying it and said ” I should have just gotten her a nightgown that would have been way better.” I’m like that was the plan the whole time you ninny! (I guess he got all caught up in the disney magic) So she will be Elsa for the next year or two so we can get our moneys worth out of that dang dress! Ps. My house is COVERED in Elsa sparkles!

 Joss and Kate halloween

This picture makes me laugh. I was snapping some shots of them and I crouched down and they copied my every move.


 This portrays both of them both perfectly.

 DSCN1535-2 DSCN1536-2

See this little face? It’s got mischief written all over it. Little stinker wouldn’t keep her crown on.



Joss doesn’t take dressing up as Elsa lightly. She is very serious about keeping her ice powers in check.

Happy Halloween everybody!

Who’s that girl?

Oh hey you! I’m so glad you’re here! If you’re new around these parts I feel like before we dive in and become besties I should give you fair warning and let you know the mess you’re getting yourself into! Here are some fast facts about me!

1. I can lay on the dry sarcastic sense of humor pretty thick. I really try and only use my sarcastic powers for good!
2. I’m a stay at home mom of two little girls. I love making crafts and finding projects to make for them and trying to redecorate my house on a dime. I’m going to figure out how to do it myself no matter how big or small the project may be.
3. I can quote F.R.I.E.N.D.S like I can quote the Book of Mormon. If you know who Regina Falange is, or you yell “PIVOT” anytime you move furniture, well could we BE anymore compatible?
4. I love getting dolled up and wearing ridiculously bold lip colors and trying new fun hairstyles and I can teach you how to do it too!

A couple more things you simply must know about me if we are gonna be best buds are I have very few and albeit random talents.

I’m good at trivia games! (I spend my free time googling fun facts about anything and everything!) I have an old soul, Growing up with only oldies radio stations and a dad who only ever watched the history channel are all contributing factors.

I am pretty much the bomb at painting nails and I have a billion different nail polishes and I’ll paint your nails anytime!

Lastly not to sound cocky or anything but I’m completely gifted in the category of necklace untangling. I’ve never met a necklace I couldn’t straighten out. You got a necklace wad? Bring them to me I’ll put em in rehab! Also I tend to over use exclamation points, cause I’m always pretty excited about shiz!!

Lastly please pay no attention to my grammar and writing style. I am a hillbilly to my core I’m trying to act like the sophisticated folk but like they say you can take the girl out of the country but blah, blah, blah and so fourth. I testify the struggle is real.






photo 3

photo 1


Name Changer!


I’m a little sad to say that Confetti Darling is no more. The blog got a make over and it is so fetch! (I’m still trying to make fetch happen) We are on to bigger and better things like becoming a “.com.” It’s like the blog turned 18 and decided it wanted to legally change it’s name and look. Well the blog wants what it wants so there just wasn’t anything I could do. I just rolled with it and now I have this lovely new site with a new name! I’m so glad the blog grew out of that horribly awkward stage. Phew! Well….truth be told I went to buy the domain for Confetti Darling but someone already snatched it up. DAG NABBIT! So I had to go with another direction.

I’ll quickly share a few of the many reasons I started this blog. I really enjoy being crafty! I guess you could say I’m a hopeless cheapskate, I really enjoy long romantic walks down the isles of hobby lobby. I’ve got restoration hardware taste on a thrift store budget. I love to create. I kind of live for when people say “OMG Christine I am obsessed with that, where did you get it?” Then I’m all. “I made it! BOOM!” At my house there are always random theoretical explosions happening. Not in a war zone kind of way but more like a cheesy magician kind of way.

My hubby is truly great at every facet of life he’s easy on the eyes for starters, he’s a hard worker, he’s incredibly ambitious and self motivating, he’s a terrific father, and smartest smarty pants I know.  BUT he doesn’t particularly like house projects. That’s actually putting it too delicately. He HATES them! By nature he just isn’t a handy guy nor does he wish to be. I’m cool with that, I’ve decided I’m going to stop being a damsel in distress and stop waiting for hubby to fix, paint or build this or that. I’m gonna learn how to do it all myself. I’m going to  just go do the things I’m passionate about. Although I’m sure I’ll still bounce ideas off of him and ask him to help with things that I’m not tall enough to reach or I may have to ask him to open a jar or two. (Seriously why do they make those jars so damn hard to open?).

I love doing hair! I’m a hairstylist. I’d love to share the tips and tricks I have learned over the years. I am a clip in extension addict. They are the greatest thing to happen since sliced bread. I just love making people feel beautiful and good about themselves! My three year old has hair like Rapunzel. I’ll do hair posts about toddler hairstyles too! If I can get her to sit still for long enough that is!

I’m a stay at home mom of two little girls my life is full of pink clothes, pink toys, essentially  lots and lots of pink, never ending tubes of lipstick, bum wiping, and a non stop game of pick up/catch up. To borrow the words of my girl Mindy Kaling ” I’m constantly in a state of self improvement, but I don’t beat myself up about it.” I’m going to conquer my life with one DIY project, and one fairy princess tea party at a time! I love my little family we have a pretty good thing going ya know? It might all be silly but the silliness is kind of my jam!

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