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Amelia’s birth story

Now that my baby is over 2 months old I have a second to catch my breath and write her birth story!I love reading birth stories and I don’t want to forget a single detail so I need to jot it down while its still fresh in my mind!

With Amelia I was able to have a VBAC ( Vaginal birth after C section) Here is a quick history of my birthing experiences.

First child: normal vaginal birth

Second child: Emegency C section (graves disease drama!) check My Story for more info

I was really really nervous and didn’t know what do with my 3rd baby cause there are lots of possible complications but I decided to try a VBAC  but my doc told me I was a great candidate to have one cause I was able to have 1 baby vaginally so I decided to go for it!

As a lot of you may know that my sister in law @amylougirl and I were pregnant together and were due the same week. On November 30th She delivered her sweet baby boy Hudson! The day before she had him she asked all her snapchat peeps for tips for inducing labor. I asked her for the deets cause I wanted to get our sweet babe here and FINALLY be done being pregnant! She shared the tips with me and they totally worked! So I’ll share them with you!

I had my membranes stripped 2 days prior and lost my plug the morning I went into labor.

I spent some time with my hubby that morning (ahem!)

I ate tons of fresh pineapple and drank pineapple juice

I took 1000mg of Primrose oil capsules orally (apparently you can put them in your hoo-haw too)

I drank 2 cups of red raspberry leaf tea

I ran up and down my stairs repeatedly very bouncily

I was nesting like crazy so I vacuumed the whole house and scrubbed everything top to bottom.

Then by 4:30 I started having contractions so I laid on my bed and started timing them cause I had been having tons of Braxton hicks but they were pretty inconsistent. These contractions however were coming every 10 min for an hour. At this point I got up and started walking around cause my Braxton hicks would stop when I was being active. Sure enough the contractions stayed consistent every 10min. We had dinner plans with friends at 6 So I started getting ready even though I was like 60% sure I was in labor but Todd and I wanted to be 1000% sure before we sent the girls off to his moms and hauled all the bags and gear to the hospital. So we went to dinner with our friends Cam & Rachel and their kids and I still was contracting our whole dinner i was not able to talk through them by the time we left the restaurant They were only 6 min apart and crazy painful. This time around I had back labor. I have never had that before and holy moses! its no joke ouch! So we rushed home and I packed the girls over night bags took a quick shower and off to the hospital we went!

I was so nervous cause when you go to the hospital in the night you are just stuck with whatever doctor is on call. I LOVED my doctor and wanted him to deliver me. I had the most incredible luck that my own doctor was the doc on call that night!!

We checked in to triage to monitor me for an hour to be sure it was the real deal I was dilated to a 3 then after an hour of crazy painful contractions. I swear it hurt more than with my other two! Back labor people! OUCH! The nurse came back in and checked me and I was at a 4 1/2. BOOM showtime!

I was admitted at 9:30pm I was all set up waiting for my epidural. By the time I got my epidural I was already to a 6! Things were moving so much faster than my other 2. I wanted to french my anesthesiologist! I could never go all natural! I love you modern medicine! My epidural this time was perfect. I could still semi feel my legs and move my feet and I could feel a tiny bit of pressure with my contrations so I cold feel when it was time to push.

At 12:30pm I was complete and ready to push! then for like the 14th time my nurse had to give me the whole vac spill again! they told me if i feel any pain in my incision area at all that i needed to tell them. cause that meant my uterus had burst and they said that I would def feel it through my epidural! SCARY! I had to sign a bunch of consent forms incase I needed emergency surgery.

My doctor came in and I started pushing. Guys its super weird but apparently I’m very good at pushing haha all the nurses and my doc were very impressed. (maybe they say that to everyone) After 5 or so min of this my doc informed me I would need an episiotomy cause I was in serious danger of tearing forward into my labia! NO THANKS!  So he gave me a few snips and my poor husband was as white as a ghost. I continue pushing and they see her head and my doc asks if we have red heads in the family. I say “We sure do!” Then after a few more pushes he says “I thought I could feel the chord. Its around her neck” i immediately start to panic but My doc just very quickly handled it like a boss! I push one more time then Todd tells me to look down and I see her! She came out so fast! I have a Hillary Clinton and the balloons type experience! (google it) She came out so fast! I am not much of a cryer so all I can do is smile and I keep saying was “oh my gosh!” over and over again. The plopped her on my tummy she wasn’t crying just yet and her whole head and face were so blue from the chord. They took her across the room to work on her she didn’t cry for about 15 seconds but they were the longest 15 seconds of my life!!! It was such a relief!

She was perfect and tiny and looked just like both of my other girls she has Joslyn’s hair line, Kate’s dimple chin and her very own set of pimples.

Amelia’s delivery was by far the easiest one I’ve had. Recovery was a breeze! Especially after having a c section! I was up walking to the bathroom like 2 hours after she was born. It was amazing!

if any of you have any further questions about my VBAC I would love to answer them for you any time! Its so worth trying if you are a good candidate!

I’m sharing our hospital photos! If you are looking for a birth story/hospital photographer check out my girl Ali Anderson Photo. she was incredible! I’m so glad she caught the first moments of my girls meeting their baby sister! It was such a special day!

Kate is pouting cause she wanted it to be her turn to hold baby sister.

Baby Girl number 3 our shortish fertility story

I have had lots of questions about how we became pregnant with baby #3. A lot of you may know that I have Graves disease. It is a thyroid/autoimmune disease If you wanna read more about the symptoms and my diagnosis you can read more about it in My Story. I had to have my thyroid removed 2 years ago. Though this is all treatable it can have long term effects. Thyroid diseases in general are known to cause infertility. So here is how baby number 3 happened for us.

So not many people outside our close friends and family know that we experienced a loss of a pregnancy September 2015. I couldn’t/didn’t want to talk about it for months. Now I feel like I can talk (or blog) about it without falling apart. Here is a link to the post I wrote all about our story of loss called Heartbreak.

So I feel like I need to start off by saying I’m a sharer so I go into pretty personal detail. but nothing gross I swear.

After my miscarriage in September I didn’t want to try for another baby for a while for a few reasons. I needed time to heal emotionally from the loss. Also I didn’t feel ready to have a third child. However in December I had a prompting that we should try again. So I got on all my lady cycle tracking apps to figure out when I was ovulating then two weeks later. boom not pregnant! Honestly I was very surprised. We have never had to “try” to get pregnant. All three of my previous pregnancies had been happy surprises. So  in January I took to the internet and read every article about trying to get pregnant that I could find! I also read up on Graves Disease and fertility so I ordered some cheap ovulation tests online and took them religiously and sadly they never turned positive at all during my whole cycle!

I am way too impatient for this stuff and I was starting to panic that it might take us months or years to become pregnant again and wondered if my body was even capable of carrying a baby anymore (thanks Graves Disease!!!) Kate was already almost 3 and I wanted all my kids to be pretty close in age. So I went and paid my OBGYN a visit. Told him my situation and how I thought I might not be ovulating he is seriously the man! Some docs make you try for several months before they step in with fertility drugs but with my given history and the fact that my cycles were 35 days long he was concerned. He was so incredibly understanding and listened to my fears and thought it would be a good idea to start me on clomid and see if that would work for me. So with my next cycle I started on 50 ml of clomid. I went back to my doc on day 21 for a progesterone test none of my home ovulation tests had been positive but I was still holding onto hope to see if it worked and if I had ovulated. The next day the results came back so the nurse called me and told me that anything above a 10 was a good ovulation. She said my numbers were low and I was 1.8. Yep 1 point freaking 8! that’s not even a 2! The nurse ordered my a prescription for the next dose up 100ml of clomid to start on the next cycle.  I got off the phone and I was at lunch with a friend of mine. She could tell I was upset, she asked what was wrong and I fell apart right there at the Mcdonalds play place while our kids were playing. I thought if clomid couldnt make me ovulate maybe another baby just wasn’t in the cards! Later that affternoon I went to the pharmacy to pick up my new prescription I was basically sobbing and being so upset with my broken body that wasnt working the way it should. Kate was in the back seat. She said “Mommy, you sad?” I said “Yeah baby I’m really sad.” Kate is a girl of few words and was a really late talker and still didnt speak very well but she said “You the best mom ever.” hearing that made me cry even more. It amazes me how my kids say these type things at the exact right moment and it cheered me up so much!

So on to March and 100ml of clomid and way more night sweats and hot flashes and stiff joints than the first time around. I threw away my cheap ovulation tests and sprung for the much more expensive digital ovulation tests. after lots of “-No” days that felt like a punch in the gut! Then on day 17 I finally got a “+Yes” basically it was like christmas! I went in on day 21 for another progesterone test I was so excited to tell my doc about my big fat positive he was so excited for me and he said he had a feeling I was already pregnant. After he felt ALL my lady parts to make sure I didnt have ovarian cysts I got my blood work done. The next day the nurse called me again and reminded me that anything over 10 was considered a good ovulation and said my numbers improved and I was at an 18 this month!! 18! Yay!! then two weeks later I took a digital home pregnancy test (cause I vowed to be done with the cheap line tests that left me wondering if it were actually positive or negative) After 3 mins that felt like forever I saw PREGNANT pop up in that glorious little window!

Although I dont know if my story is common among other women with Graves or women who are post thyroidectomy this is how it worked for us. I am really glad that I was impatient cause it would have taken me months to figure out that I wasnt ovulating on my own. I hate wasting time so my main advice for other women if be impatient and ask your doctor or midwife or whoever for help. My heart breaks for all my loved ones and everyone who battles with long term infertility. I’m so so grateful we were able to figure out my fertility issues and solve them as quickly as we did. I cannot tell you enough how much I adore my doctor he isnt a fertility specialist he is a great listener and doesnt make you feel silly for asking questions or having concerns. I have never had a doctor who made me feel heard and cared about so if you are in the same boat and are in Utah I will be happy to pass his info along!

Our family is so excited to be getting another baby sister in December! The little girls are more excited about her than they are for Christmas hahah

Love you guys so much thanks for following along!



baby #3 announcement!Joslyns Surprise partyIMG_5493




When we found out that a third baby would be joining our family we were surprised but over the moon! I was worried about how my pregnancy would be because during my last pregnancy I was diagnosed with Graves disease it was high risk and Kate ended up being a preemie it was a mess! You can read more about that in My Story.

I had my second check up at 9 weeks I had an ultrasound. The tech was quiet as she scanned me checking every little thing. She stopped the scan and turned off the screen and said ” Oh honey, I don’t have good news for you.” before she could say anything else I interrupted her and said “There is no heartbeat.” I never saw the little flicker of a heartbeat on the screen. I’m not sure why but I wasn’t very surprised but I was completely crushed and all by myself at my appointment. I was trying not to sob too embarassingly loud as a nurse escorted me across the clinic to an exam room to see the doctor. Every person I passed in the hallway couldn’t help but stare I think it was pretty obvious what I had just found out. I called my husband to tell him the news he had come home from work to watch the girls while I was at the doctor.He was anxious for me to hurry home so he could get back to work he answered the phone and heard my crying voice tell him there was no heartbeat. We were both heartbroken and helpless.

My doctor came in and was perfectly sweet and understanding. He said that my body wasn’t recognizing that I had miscarried and I would probably need a D&C. I came home and broke the news to Joslyn my 4 year old who was so excited to have a new baby in our house. She asked me why I was crying and I told her our baby went back to heaven. She melted into a puddle of tears. That was the worst part of all of it. She wanted answers and I didn’t have any.

Carrying around a baby that was no longer alive was almost more than I could take.I had my D&C 2 days later. After it was all over  I felt much better about all of it and had some closure, or so I thought. I couldn’t talk about it. The weekend before we found out we lost the baby we had just told both of our families we were expecting and having to untell them was awful. Shortly after I saw lots of girls I know announcing that There were expecting and due in April I was really surprised at how much it hurt me to see those posts. I was happy for them but sad for us.

In the months since I think about how far along I would be, what the sex of the baby was, if it was my body/disease that caused the miscarriage? It drove me crazy and I was surprised how much it has effected me. As time went by it just slipped into being part of the past and I was finally ok. I could think about it and talk about it with out falling to pieces. As awful as it was I came to terms with things like this happen to lots of people. I still had lots of hope we would get pregnant again and our family could finally heal.

Joslyn out of the blue one day while driving in the car said to me. “Mom, I think someday Jesus will send our baby back.” I found great comfort in her innocent little idea. Then in April the month I was due. I found out we were getting another chance at bringing a new baby in our family! We are so excited!

I have posted about our whole journey of how we became pregnant again with my Graves disease you can read that here.

Life is Sweet

That One Blonde Chick. Life is sweet That One Blonde Chick. Life is sweet That One Blonde Chick. Life is sweetThat One Blonde Chick. Life is sweetThis summer has been so go go go! I am learning that just how life is going to be from now on with a growing family. Running to school, dance, doctor appointments, play dates, the list goes on and on!! I wouldn’t change it tho! These two are my best buddies. Even when they are driving me crazy! They are getting sassier by the day and heaven please help me when I have THREE TEENAGE DAUGHTERS!

Until then I’m soaking up every second with these sweet babes! Taking time to enjoy the little things, like shoving donuts in our faces and not caring that we are all sticky and getting our clothes dirty! I love my shirts from Sweet Ts design shoppe. Sharing a positive message and encouraging us to slow down and enjoy every tiny seemingly insignificant moment! Those are the ones that stand out in my mind with my own Mama!


Joslyn’s 5th birthday party/ Gender reveal

Joslyn’s birthday almost always falls on or around fathers day. She told me a few months a go that she wanted a surprise party. This girl has been looking forward to and has been asking me questions about her birthday for the past 6 months. So we wanted to make it really special! We told her she wouldnt be able to have a birthday party on her actual b day cause it was fathers day weeekend and everyone was spending time with their dads and werent able to come. Guys it was so sad! It broke my heart a little to lie to her! So we made her birthday morning special by doing all her fav things. Todd took both the girls to Airborne (a trampoline park) for a few hours while I got the party all set in place. They walked in and they could only see me standing in the living room. When Joss got to the end of the hall all her friends and family were hiding in the kitchen we all yelled SURPRISE! it scared her to death and she was fighting tears for a second then she realized what was going on and she was thrilled!! Please notice how Kate is covering her ears in the top pic. They were so caught off guard!Joslyns Surprise partyJoslyns Surprise party Joslyns Surprise party

Joslyns Surprise party Joslyns Surprise party

showing her great grandparents some love. It kills me how she just loves absolutely everyone and makes everyone feel special! She truly has a gift!

After all the gifts and cake Todd and I set up a gender reveal box. We made a top secret trip to fetal fotos to sneakily find out the sex of our new baby. baby girl did not want to give up the goods! she was all cross legged and stubborn! Luckily we were able to get a quick peek! She had the hiccups it was the cutest thing!

Since all our loved ones would be at the party that weekend some came from out of state! That’s how much Jossie girl is loved! We have the best most supportive family! We couldn’t think of a better time to tell everyone! Only myself, Todd and my cute 11 year old niece Bailey she was staying with us that week being the best helper/nanny! She kept our secret like a BOSS!

Joslyns Surprise partyDSC07141 Joslyns Surprise party Joslyns Surprise party

DSC07153 DSC07161Ok I’m feeling all the feels for this guy! Pregnancy makes me all sorts of sappy! Having a family with him is seriously the best thing that has ever happened to me! A billion times more amazing than my wildest dreams when I was growing up! He is the sweetest Dad of daughters we are so hashtag blessed that we get to have him! We arent the least bit disappointed to be getting another girl! Super stoked about it actually. Although lots of people have expressed sympathy for us which is so bizarre and drives me crazy. That’s a post for another day!

Love you guys thanks for following along!



13 Week Bumpdate

baby #3 announcement!

baby #3 announcement! baby #3 announcement!

baby #3 announcement! baby #3 announcement! baby #3 announcement!
baby #3 announcement!

baby #3 announcement!

baby #3 announcement!

Im so happy the whole world finally knows we are having another little Allen joining our family! Thanks so much for all the sweet supportive comments on my announcement yesterday! I’m so in love with how these photos turned out! I didn’t think we would have any decent ones as you can see Kate was being a little turd! Now looking at the photos her just being her self, little stubborn kate. It makes me love them even more! keep reading for this weeks bump update (they won’t be weekly I swear) also details on my dress are below!! ps I love you guys!! k bye


How far along? I’m 13 weeks today! I’m officially in my second trimester! Whoop Whoop!

Due Date: December 10, 2016

Morning sickness? No actually! thankfully I avoided it completely this pregnancy! I never got very sick with my girls either  though. I just can’t let my stomach get empty thats when I start feeling a little sick. So I keep myself very well fed haha.

Other weird pregnancy symptoms? Yes! Omg I guess I have never had heartburn before but it is no joke! ouch!! I seriously thought I had ulcers cause my stomach was so upset I couldn’t keep anything down for an entire day! I didn’t think it was heartburn cause its in my upper stomach not my chest. My dr told me to start taking some OTC heartburn meds and they are seriously miracle drugs!!

Cravings? Not really Mexican food always sounds good. Any fresh fruit and veggies too!

Food aversions? I can tell you that this baby hates fast food! Every timeI have deep fried anything I feel terrible! thats when my heartburn kicks into hyper drive. I try and avoid it at all costs! Maybe this babe will be very health conscious? haha

Any Guesses Boy or Girl? I actually think this one is a boy! (I thought both my girls were boys too though) I only guess boy cause I haven’t been sick in the slightest (like pregnancy nauseous sick. heartburn sick is a different story) Also I have never had heartburn in other pregnancies. so thats new and makes this pregnancy different.

which gender are you hoping for? I’m sure everyone expects me to say a boy but I honestly don’t care either way! The thought of 3 girls sounds so fun! Having a house full of girls makes me really happy! Plus we really know what we are doing in the girl department! From a financial stand point we wouldn’t have to buy a single thing!  But on the other hand the thought of a boy makes me really excited! Having a mini Todd would be the cutest thing ever! I know he would love a little buddy to take to sporting events. He says he doesn’t have a preference either. He is a darling dad of girls. We are just anxious to find out! We should know in a few weeks.

Weird pregnancy moment? My bump totally popped out with in the past week. I went from looking like I ate 5 burritos (burritos sound so good right now!) Now I look like I’m almost 20 weeks pregnant! I really have started showing sooner with each pregnancy! Its like I get pregnant and my body is all like “Oh yeah I know just what to do!” Then it slowly starts turning itself into something resembling a sumo suit. Its great!(sarcastic eye roll)

What I’m looking forward to: Knowing the gender! My sister in law Amy is due the same week as me and she knows she is having a boy! Its driving me crazy that I don’t know yet! It would be so fun to have boys together! I could never not find out the gender. I have way too much anxiety for that crap and I’m a planner.

My dress is from Hope Ave.  Its non maternity! but sadly isn’t currently available online. They had tons in store I just got it very recently. Also a tip:It is one size only.  It has a built in slip but it hardly covers my butt I’m 5’6. So I really needed to wear a slip. I found a cheap one at target.

I stand with justin Bieber on religion (I’m just as shocked as you are)

Still, he realizes religion is a complicated subject. “It doesn’t make you a Christian just by going to church,” says Justin. “I think that going to church is fellowship, it’s relationship, it’s what we’re here on the earth to do, to have this connection that you feel there’s no insecurities. I think that’s where we need to be.” And then, he delivers a quote worthy of t-shirts and bumper stickers: “Like I said, you don’t need to go to church to be a Christian. If you go to Taco Bell, that doesn’t make you a taco.”

-Justin Bieber, Pop Crush

A new favorite quote of mine is “There isn’t a person you wouldn’t love if you knew their story” My dear Justin( Yeah we are on a first name basis, he also lets me smoke weed with him on his private jet…JOKES!! Everyone knows I prefer crack.. Jokes again. Ok I’ll stop) Justin you just proved this quote to be true!

I read this article titled “Justin opens up about failed relationship with Selena + God complex” from Pop crush and I LOVE celebrity gossip way more than Kim Kardashian loves selfies. So obviously I dove right in thinking I would come out cursing Justin’s name thinking he was an over privileged brat! However when I read the article in its entirety, especially the paragraph above I couldn’t believe it but I became a BELIEBER! I feel that exact same way about religion. I am LDS or Mormon which ever you prefer. I have seen such quotes like “Going to church doesn’t make you a christian” Usually to justify not attending church (which is fine), so I never grasped the full meaning of the quote.

The LDS community stresses church attendance super hard and I also agree that it is very important. I cant help but be annoyed by it because sometimes kids get sick, or you go out of town most weekends (guilty!!) Suddenly people are asking if you are okay cause if you skip church you must have been extremely offended and have gone inactive or have a serious health ailment that the relief society needs to bring over hot meals for immediately (I LOVE the relief society for this!). So getting back to my point Not attending all your church meetings doesn not constitute that you are a christian. If I stopped going I would certainly not stop believing in Christ. BUT why on earth would I ever stop going?

Even though I have been going to church since I was an infant, there is so much I still have to learn and understand. I recently the term “spiritually fed” just clicked for me and I finally get it. I look forward to going to church to recharge to uplift me and to give me the strength and inspiration I need to make it through another week. I am in no way perfect I struggle with anxiety and self doubt and patience with my sweet girls my youngest is a TRIAL for me right now. Going to relief society and listening to the amazing advicce and stories of the women who once were and are currently in my shoes helps me know I’m not alone! For me church is about community and feeling the lords love in a physical way through the members who genuinely care for my family. I stand firmy with Justin Bieber that if you go to Taco Bell its doesn’t make you a taco! Amen Justin, Amen!!
Here are a bunch of photos from my Lds Conference family weekend.   K Byeeee!

That one blonde chick That one blonde chick That one blonde chick That one blonde chick That one blonde chick That one blonde chick
Fall. That one blonde chick

First Day of School!

back to school pics back to school pics back to school picsback to school pics back to school pics back to school pics

back to school pics back to school pics back to school pics   back to school pics

I know the cliche of saying “I cant believe my baby is starting school!” but it really goes by so fast! I still feel like I’m 15 years old I cant believe they even let me become an adult and get married and have a family. When they let us take this precious precious girl home from the hospital I was like ” what you are just going to let me TAKE HER?? I don’t even have to pass a test or something?” Joss has taught me so much more than I could ever hope to teach her. She has always been a little ray of sunshine. Ugh she is so sweet! She is always jumping at the opportunity to help me in the kitchen or fold laundry. She is always helping out her baby sister. I just have no idea how I get to be her mom. She is seriously my role model! Here are a few of my favorite Joss quotes or Jossieisms if you will. I have them all written down cause I would hate to forget any sweet little thing she says! She could seriously have her own reality show.


I’m always telling her to be a good example cause she is the big sister then she says.”when Kate bees mean to me she is being a bad bezample”

Joss only ever wants to wear dresses and skirts even in the winter! it’s a big struggle. ” I hate wearing pants! They make me feel handsome” I know babe feeling handsome is the WORST!


Joslyn and Todd are playing “drive thru” (maybe we hit up too many of those YIKES!)

Todd: Can I get fries and a shake?

Joss: Yep that will be $300

Todd: Geez thats pretty steep, do you come with it?

Joss: giggles No Morris does!!

Todd: Who the heck is Morris?


She saw a photo of Jesus and John the baptist she says “who is that with Jesus?…. it looks like David Wallace” From The Office. Apparently we do a little too much Office happening over here!










Kate’s Flamingo Party

 Little miss Kate had a cute little flamingo party. I am a little obsessed with those pretty pink birds. I know my days are numbered for picking the girls party themes so I do as i pleased for now.  I can’t believe my baby is two! You will notice that she stared out her terrible twos with off with a BANG! Her pouting in front of her tickled pink to be turning two sign is just classic! Totally true to Kate form. She is a little sassy thing but I wouldn’t have her any other way. She’s perfect!

I have had some requests to see the whole party. You can find all the party details are below!



Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party

Pink flamingo family here // Flamingo straws here // Flamingo tooth picks here

Chalkboard Sign from You doll Designs // Flora Flamingo book// The lovely cake was made by a family friend


My little Valentines!

Valentines day is way up there on the list of my favorite holidays! Any holiday that I get to drench everyone and everything in pink is alright by me! Now that there is love the air and all that jazz, I decided I needed some Valentines day shots of my little love bugs! Cute Annie from Wee Scout photography is the best! She takes the most dreamy photos! I will cherish these forever! Im always down for any excuse for shooting my ladies. I want to freeze them at every age! I never want to forget for perfect and lovely them are! Lucky for all of us Annie is doing micro sessions for Valentines day. They are 20 minutes long. Its really really perfect because I think almost any kid can keep it together for 20 minutes. Ya know what I’m saying moms?That one blonde chick. Valentines day That one blonde chick. Valentines day

That one blonde chick. Valentines day

That one blonde chick. Valentines day

That one blonde chick. Valentines day

That one blonde chick. Valentines day

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