Now that my baby is over 2 months old I have a second to catch my breath and write her birth story!I love reading birth stories and I don’t want to forget a single detail so I need to jot it down while its still fresh in my mind!

With Amelia I was able to have a VBAC ( Vaginal birth after C section) Here is a quick history of my birthing experiences.

First child: normal vaginal birth

Second child: Emegency C section (graves disease drama!) check My Story for more info

I was really really nervous and didn’t know what do with my 3rd baby cause there are lots of possible complications but I decided to try a VBAC  but my doc told me I was a great candidate to have one cause I was able to have 1 baby vaginally so I decided to go for it!

As a lot of you may know that my sister in law @amylougirl and I were pregnant together and were due the same week. On November 30th She delivered her sweet baby boy Hudson! The day before she had him she asked all her snapchat peeps for tips for inducing labor. I asked her for the deets cause I wanted to get our sweet babe here and FINALLY be done being pregnant! She shared the tips with me and they totally worked! So I’ll share them with you!

I had my membranes stripped 2 days prior and lost my plug the morning I went into labor.

I spent some time with my hubby that morning (ahem!)

I ate tons of fresh pineapple and drank pineapple juice

I took 1000mg of Primrose oil capsules orally (apparently you can put them in your hoo-haw too)

I drank 2 cups of red raspberry leaf tea

I ran up and down my stairs repeatedly very bouncily

I was nesting like crazy so I vacuumed the whole house and scrubbed everything top to bottom.

Then by 4:30 I started having contractions so I laid on my bed and started timing them cause I had been having tons of Braxton hicks but they were pretty inconsistent. These contractions however were coming every 10 min for an hour. At this point I got up and started walking around cause my Braxton hicks would stop when I was being active. Sure enough the contractions stayed consistent every 10min. We had dinner plans with friends at 6 So I started getting ready even though I was like 60% sure I was in labor but Todd and I wanted to be 1000% sure before we sent the girls off to his moms and hauled all the bags and gear to the hospital. So we went to dinner with our friends Cam & Rachel and their kids and I still was contracting our whole dinner i was not able to talk through them by the time we left the restaurant They were only 6 min apart and crazy painful. This time around I had back labor. I have never had that before and holy moses! its no joke ouch! So we rushed home and I packed the girls over night bags took a quick shower and off to the hospital we went!

I was so nervous cause when you go to the hospital in the night you are just stuck with whatever doctor is on call. I LOVED my doctor and wanted him to deliver me. I had the most incredible luck that my own doctor was the doc on call that night!!

We checked in to triage to monitor me for an hour to be sure it was the real deal I was dilated to a 3 then after an hour of crazy painful contractions. I swear it hurt more than with my other two! Back labor people! OUCH! The nurse came back in and checked me and I was at a 4 1/2. BOOM showtime!

I was admitted at 9:30pm I was all set up waiting for my epidural. By the time I got my epidural I was already to a 6! Things were moving so much faster than my other 2. I wanted to french my anesthesiologist! I could never go all natural! I love you modern medicine! My epidural this time was perfect. I could still semi feel my legs and move my feet and I could feel a tiny bit of pressure with my contrations so I cold feel when it was time to push.

At 12:30pm I was complete and ready to push! then for like the 14th time my nurse had to give me the whole vac spill again! they told me if i feel any pain in my incision area at all that i needed to tell them. cause that meant my uterus had burst and they said that I would def feel it through my epidural! SCARY! I had to sign a bunch of consent forms incase I needed emergency surgery.

My doctor came in and I started pushing. Guys its super weird but apparently I’m very good at pushing haha all the nurses and my doc were very impressed. (maybe they say that to everyone) After 5 or so min of this my doc informed me I would need an episiotomy cause I was in serious danger of tearing forward into my labia! NO THANKS!  So he gave me a few snips and my poor husband was as white as a ghost. I continue pushing and they see her head and my doc asks if we have red heads in the family. I say “We sure do!” Then after a few more pushes he says “I thought I could feel the chord. Its around her neck” i immediately start to panic but My doc just very quickly handled it like a boss! I push one more time then Todd tells me to look down and I see her! She came out so fast! I have a Hillary Clinton and the balloons type experience! (google it) She came out so fast! I am not much of a cryer so all I can do is smile and I keep saying was “oh my gosh!” over and over again. The plopped her on my tummy she wasn’t crying just yet and her whole head and face were so blue from the chord. They took her across the room to work on her she didn’t cry for about 15 seconds but they were the longest 15 seconds of my life!!! It was such a relief!

She was perfect and tiny and looked just like both of my other girls she has Joslyn’s hair line, Kate’s dimple chin and her very own set of pimples.

Amelia’s delivery was by far the easiest one I’ve had. Recovery was a breeze! Especially after having a c section! I was up walking to the bathroom like 2 hours after she was born. It was amazing!

if any of you have any further questions about my VBAC I would love to answer them for you any time! Its so worth trying if you are a good candidate!

I’m sharing our hospital photos! If you are looking for a birth story/hospital photographer check out my girl Ali Anderson Photo. she was incredible! I’m so glad she caught the first moments of my girls meeting their baby sister! It was such a special day!

Kate is pouting cause she wanted it to be her turn to hold baby sister.