MAskCara Foundation Before and afterMackCara lllD Foundation. That one blonde chick MackCara lllD Foundation. That one blonde chick About this time last year I went to pinners conference and was introduced to the tiny miracle that is MaskCara Cosmetics! I saw Cara in the flesh and I was fan girling hard! The makeup is a cream highlight and contour kit or “HAC Pack” if you will and it has totally changed my makeup game! I am always striving for that J. Lo glow you know, that look like you have the perfect lighting following you around everywhere. Even without a snapchat filter! ha

I can have my full foundation on in less that 5 mins! That’s foundation, bronzer, concealer, blush and highlight all rolled into one tiny compact (that I love for traveling) I swipe on a few quick coats of mascara and BAM I’m ready to take on the day! Most days I have to wake up and rush everyone out the door. Now that the kids are back in school has been rough! I am so not a morning person! I think we can all agree that I wake up looking a little too much like a corpse for comfort so I tend to go a little heavy on the contour and blush to add some color back in my face!  I LOVE my results! I love that this make up doesn’t look cakey or over done like some crazy Kardashian contour job. Also I’m in love with the pretty packaging! I’m a sucker for great branding!

So if your like me and you like to get ready quick you will love this make up! Here is a super quick video of how I apply it on the daily and I mention all the colors that I’m wearing!

Side note: I have used this makeup without the 30 Second HAC brush and let me tell you it is night and day! YOU must use the HAC brush! I am so not a brush snob but it makes all my other brushes look like chumps! I have no idea why but it made a giant difference!  Lesson learned, don’t screw around with crappy brushes! THE END.

*special thank you to MaskCara Cosmetics for sponsoring this post!