how to choose the right car seat for your precious cargo. how to choose the right car seat for your precious cargo. how to choose the right car seat for your precious cargo. how to choose the right car seat for your precious cargo.

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Even though I already have 2 other babies buying baby gear is still so intimidating!! Kate is 3 1/2 and baby stuff has evolved like crazy! There are so many cool brands and gadgets that are new that I know nothing about.

I decided we needed a new infant car seat cause ours has been through 2 babies, billions of blow outs and way too much spit up to measure basically its DISGUSTING! Even though its washed and clean I want something new for our third babe! Being the 3rd girl means so many hand me downs. She deserves something to be new and not totally gross haha! Plus new things are just more fun!

I started searching there were so many awesome products it is so intimidating! Luckily The Baby Cubby came in and saved the day! They only sale the best of the best in baby gear! Basically its like consumer report for baby stuff and its amazing! All the best looking high quality stuff plus they price match! Even with Amazon you guys!! The baby cubby has made it so easy to find the best of everything and what is best for you specifically providing you with all the info you need so you can make an informed decision especially when it comes to the safety of you baby. For parents there is nothing more important than that! The Definitive Car Seat Buying Guide became my new best friend!

Lucky for me I have lots of friends who have new babies and were able to tell me their experiences with the carseats and what they loved about them. between the baby cubby guide and my very wise pals I’ve narrowed it down to my top two.



Nuna Pipa Blackberry is my top contender. I mean just look at it! Its so sleek and such a gorgeous color! Not to mention its one of the lightest on the market! Which is super attractive cause these suckers get so heavy with a chunky baby inside. I’ll be herding around 3 little girls and I cannot be weighed down with a huge heavy car seat! I love products that make being a mom a little easier. Plus I mean, its so pretty! I feel like we keep circling around to the look of it but… I can’t stop staring!!


Britax B safe  is another contender. It has immaculate safety ratings. Side impact tested, steel frame. I mean like I mentioned above safety of your tiny little babe is the most important thing! Plus it is also super cute ( not purple) but a really good neutral. PLUS its on sale right now!!


Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30 rounds out my top 3. Another super light car seat and the handle is designed to be easy to carry. But the clincher for this seat is that it wins the award for the EASIEST to clean! No need for unthreading the harness those things are a pain in the butt! So this baby girl can have all the blow outs she wants. The fabric is self wicking, it deodorizes and draws liquid away from baby keeping her dryish and happy. Besides this bad boy is so easy to clean it aint no thang!

I’m not sure how I’ll be able to choose. If you guys have strong feelings about any of these I would love to hear it!!

Check out The Baby Cubby they have a store in Lindon utah if you are local or you can shop online Thank me later!

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