That One Blonde Chick. Seraphine Maternity That One Blonde Chick. Seraphine Maternity
That One Blonde Chick. Seraphine Maternity
That One Blonde Chick. Seraphine Maternity

Summer bumpin’ This dress from Seraphine Maternity is everything! So stretchy and comfy! Which is kind of number one on my list these days!! Plus its on sale for $57! TIP: I would size down if you want it to be a little more fitted the dress is a little roomy.

Guys I have a confession. I have always enjoyed my pregnancies! I legit love being pregnant! However this time around has been different! Being this pregnant in the summer has really taken a toll on my body image. I promise I know how dumb and vain that sounds. I am freaking making a person with my body which causes it to change and grow and is such a gift! I’m trying my hardest to feel confident parading my pregnant self around in a bathing suit has made me so self conscious! Being so body conscious that it controls basically every thought you have is not a fun feeling.

Since this is my 3rd go around I feel like my body has grown so much quicker than the first 2 times. This time my booty and love handles and cheeks also think they are pregnant. Idiots!

When I look at other pregnant women I think they are darling and they glow and look so cute! Why can’t I think those same things about myself? Whenever a family member or friend or my husband especially gives me a compliment and say they think I look cute I straight up don’t believe them! I feel like I can’t be the only preggo out there who feels this way.

SO I am making a little challenge for me to have more self love and be so so grateful that I get to be pregnant I know so many friends and family struggling with infertility and would love a bigger booty and love handles if that meant a baby would be coming soon after! From here on out I will love my body for all the miracles it is working every single day!

The female body seriously incredible! Becoming a mother is the biggest blessing in my life I would gladly sacrifice my body a thousand times over to get to hold a precious newborn. Great now I’m getting teary eyed and my girls are asleep so I have to go stare at them and ninja kiss their cute cheeks so I don’t wake them!

Also lets stop pretending that unicorn pregos like Blake Lively and Chrissy Teigen are the norm and what we are supposed to look like during pregnancy.

and praise the true hero that is Kim Kardashian whose feet even got pregnant! You go girl!!!