Joslyn’s birthday almost always falls on or around fathers day. She told me a few months a go that she wanted a surprise party. This girl has been looking forward to and has been asking me questions about her birthday for the past 6 months. So we wanted to make it really special! We told her she wouldnt be able to have a birthday party on her actual b day cause it was fathers day weeekend and everyone was spending time with their dads and werent able to come. Guys it was so sad! It broke my heart a little to lie to her! So we made her birthday morning special by doing all her fav things. Todd took both the girls to Airborne (a trampoline park) for a few hours while I got the party all set in place. They walked in and they could only see me standing in the living room. When Joss got to the end of the hall all her friends and family were hiding in the kitchen we all yelled SURPRISE! it scared her to death and she was fighting tears for a second then she realized what was going on and she was thrilled!! Please notice how Kate is covering her ears in the top pic. They were so caught off guard!Joslyns Surprise partyJoslyns Surprise party Joslyns Surprise party

Joslyns Surprise party Joslyns Surprise party

showing her great grandparents some love. It kills me how she just loves absolutely everyone and makes everyone feel special! She truly has a gift!

After all the gifts and cake Todd and I set up a gender reveal box. We made a top secret trip to fetal fotos to sneakily find out the sex of our new baby. baby girl did not want to give up the goods! she was all cross legged and stubborn! Luckily we were able to get a quick peek! She had the hiccups it was the cutest thing!

Since all our loved ones would be at the party that weekend some came from out of state! That’s how much Jossie girl is loved! We have the best most supportive family! We couldn’t think of a better time to tell everyone! Only myself, Todd and my cute 11 year old niece Bailey she was staying with us that week being the best helper/nanny! She kept our secret like a BOSS!

Joslyns Surprise partyDSC07141 Joslyns Surprise party Joslyns Surprise party

DSC07153 DSC07161Ok I’m feeling all the feels for this guy! Pregnancy makes me all sorts of sappy! Having a family with him is seriously the best thing that has ever happened to me! A billion times more amazing than my wildest dreams when I was growing up! He is the sweetest Dad of daughters we are so hashtag blessed that we get to have him! We arent the least bit disappointed to be getting another girl! Super stoked about it actually. Although lots of people have expressed sympathy for us which is so bizarre and drives me crazy. That’s a post for another day!

Love you guys thanks for following along!