I have had lots of questions about how we became pregnant with baby #3. A lot of you may know that I have Graves disease. It is a thyroid/autoimmune disease If you wanna read more about the symptoms and my diagnosis you can read more about it in My Story. I had to have my thyroid removed 2 years ago. Though this is all treatable it can have long term effects. Thyroid diseases in general are known to cause infertility. So here is how baby number 3 happened for us.

So not many people outside our close friends and family know that we experienced a loss of a pregnancy September 2015. I couldn’t/didn’t want to talk about it for months. Now I feel like I can talk (or blog) about it without falling apart. Here is a link to the post I wrote all about our story of loss called Heartbreak.

So I feel like I need to start off by saying I’m a sharer so I go into pretty personal detail. but nothing gross I swear.

After my miscarriage in September I didn’t want to try for another baby for a while for a few reasons. I needed time to heal emotionally from the loss. Also I didn’t feel ready to have a third child. However in December I had a prompting that we should try again. So I got on all my lady cycle tracking apps to figure out when I was ovulating then two weeks later. boom not pregnant! Honestly I was very surprised. We have never had to “try” to get pregnant. All three of my previous pregnancies had been happy surprises. So  in January I took to the internet and read every article about trying to get pregnant that I could find! I also read up on Graves Disease and fertility so I ordered some cheap ovulation tests online and took them religiously and sadly they never turned positive at all during my whole cycle!

I am way too impatient for this stuff and I was starting to panic that it might take us months or years to become pregnant again and wondered if my body was even capable of carrying a baby anymore (thanks Graves Disease!!!) Kate was already almost 3 and I wanted all my kids to be pretty close in age. So I went and paid my OBGYN a visit. Told him my situation and how I thought I might not be ovulating he is seriously the man! Some docs make you try for several months before they step in with fertility drugs but with my given history and the fact that my cycles were 35 days long he was concerned. He was so incredibly understanding and listened to my fears and thought it would be a good idea to start me on clomid and see if that would work for me. So with my next cycle I started on 50 ml of clomid. I went back to my doc on day 21 for a progesterone test none of my home ovulation tests had been positive but I was still holding onto hope to see if it worked and if I had ovulated. The next day the results came back so the nurse called me and told me that anything above a 10 was a good ovulation. She said my numbers were low and I was 1.8. Yep 1 point freaking 8! that’s not even a 2! The nurse ordered my a prescription for the next dose up 100ml of clomid to start on the next cycle.  I got off the phone and I was at lunch with a friend of mine. She could tell I was upset, she asked what was wrong and I fell apart right there at the Mcdonalds play place while our kids were playing. I thought if clomid couldnt make me ovulate maybe another baby just wasn’t in the cards! Later that affternoon I went to the pharmacy to pick up my new prescription I was basically sobbing and being so upset with my broken body that wasnt working the way it should. Kate was in the back seat. She said “Mommy, you sad?” I said “Yeah baby I’m really sad.” Kate is a girl of few words and was a really late talker and still didnt speak very well but she said “You the best mom ever.” hearing that made me cry even more. It amazes me how my kids say these type things at the exact right moment and it cheered me up so much!

So on to March and 100ml of clomid and way more night sweats and hot flashes and stiff joints than the first time around. I threw away my cheap ovulation tests and sprung for the much more expensive digital ovulation tests. after lots of “-No” days that felt like a punch in the gut! Then on day 17 I finally got a “+Yes” basically it was like christmas! I went in on day 21 for another progesterone test I was so excited to tell my doc about my big fat positive he was so excited for me and he said he had a feeling I was already pregnant. After he felt ALL my lady parts to make sure I didnt have ovarian cysts I got my blood work done. The next day the nurse called me again and reminded me that anything over 10 was considered a good ovulation and said my numbers improved and I was at an 18 this month!! 18! Yay!! then two weeks later I took a digital home pregnancy test (cause I vowed to be done with the cheap line tests that left me wondering if it were actually positive or negative) After 3 mins that felt like forever I saw PREGNANT pop up in that glorious little window!

Although I dont know if my story is common among other women with Graves or women who are post thyroidectomy this is how it worked for us. I am really glad that I was impatient cause it would have taken me months to figure out that I wasnt ovulating on my own. I hate wasting time so my main advice for other women if be impatient and ask your doctor or midwife or whoever for help. My heart breaks for all my loved ones and everyone who battles with long term infertility. I’m so so grateful we were able to figure out my fertility issues and solve them as quickly as we did. I cannot tell you enough how much I adore my doctor he isnt a fertility specialist he is a great listener and doesnt make you feel silly for asking questions or having concerns. I have never had a doctor who made me feel heard and cared about so if you are in the same boat and are in Utah I will be happy to pass his info along!

Our family is so excited to be getting another baby sister in December! The little girls are more excited about her than they are for Christmas hahah

Love you guys so much thanks for following along!



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