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pink Seraphine Maternity dress

Seraphine Maternity Seraphine Maternity

Ive never been pregnant in the summer.. well let me rephrase…. Ive never been showing pregnant in the summer before. I decided for the sake of staying cool and comfortable I will be on the prowl for comfy breezy and pretty maternity dresses! This pretty little pink number from Seraphine Maternity totally fits the bill! Kate Middleton is known to rock Seraphine dresses when she is pregnant so you know its gotta be good!

My favorite thing about their dresses is that they are all a super classy and flattering length! They hit right at or above the knee. Which is super important to me! I’m also super into pieces that can work for all occasions throw on heels for a summer wedding or church then some chucks or sandals for everyday summer shenanigans! The absolute best part is that this dress in on sale right this very moment!! only $53! run don’t walk!!

Ive linked you to some of the other fav maternity dresses for summer below! Most of them are on sale! JACKPOT!

xoxo Christine

13 Week Bumpdate

baby #3 announcement!

baby #3 announcement! baby #3 announcement!

baby #3 announcement! baby #3 announcement! baby #3 announcement!
baby #3 announcement!

baby #3 announcement!

baby #3 announcement!

Im so happy the whole world finally knows we are having another little Allen joining our family! Thanks so much for all the sweet supportive comments on my announcement yesterday! I’m so in love with how these photos turned out! I didn’t think we would have any decent ones as you can see Kate was being a little turd! Now looking at the photos her just being her self, little stubborn kate. It makes me love them even more! keep reading for this weeks bump update (they won’t be weekly I swear) also details on my dress are below!! ps I love you guys!! k bye


How far along? I’m 13 weeks today! I’m officially in my second trimester! Whoop Whoop!

Due Date: December 10, 2016

Morning sickness? No actually! thankfully I avoided it completely this pregnancy! I never got very sick with my girls either  though. I just can’t let my stomach get empty thats when I start feeling a little sick. So I keep myself very well fed haha.

Other weird pregnancy symptoms? Yes! Omg I guess I have never had heartburn before but it is no joke! ouch!! I seriously thought I had ulcers cause my stomach was so upset I couldn’t keep anything down for an entire day! I didn’t think it was heartburn cause its in my upper stomach not my chest. My dr told me to start taking some OTC heartburn meds and they are seriously miracle drugs!!

Cravings? Not really Mexican food always sounds good. Any fresh fruit and veggies too!

Food aversions? I can tell you that this baby hates fast food! Every timeI have deep fried anything I feel terrible! thats when my heartburn kicks into hyper drive. I try and avoid it at all costs! Maybe this babe will be very health conscious? haha

Any Guesses Boy or Girl? I actually think this one is a boy! (I thought both my girls were boys too though) I only guess boy cause I haven’t been sick in the slightest (like pregnancy nauseous sick. heartburn sick is a different story) Also I have never had heartburn in other pregnancies. so thats new and makes this pregnancy different.

which gender are you hoping for? I’m sure everyone expects me to say a boy but I honestly don’t care either way! The thought of 3 girls sounds so fun! Having a house full of girls makes me really happy! Plus we really know what we are doing in the girl department! From a financial stand point we wouldn’t have to buy a single thing!  But on the other hand the thought of a boy makes me really excited! Having a mini Todd would be the cutest thing ever! I know he would love a little buddy to take to sporting events. He says he doesn’t have a preference either. He is a darling dad of girls. We are just anxious to find out! We should know in a few weeks.

Weird pregnancy moment? My bump totally popped out with in the past week. I went from looking like I ate 5 burritos (burritos sound so good right now!) Now I look like I’m almost 20 weeks pregnant! I really have started showing sooner with each pregnancy! Its like I get pregnant and my body is all like “Oh yeah I know just what to do!” Then it slowly starts turning itself into something resembling a sumo suit. Its great!(sarcastic eye roll)

What I’m looking forward to: Knowing the gender! My sister in law Amy is due the same week as me and she knows she is having a boy! Its driving me crazy that I don’t know yet! It would be so fun to have boys together! I could never not find out the gender. I have way too much anxiety for that crap and I’m a planner.

My dress is from Hope Ave.  Its non maternity! but sadly isn’t currently available online. They had tons in store I just got it very recently. Also a tip:It is one size only.  It has a built in slip but it hardly covers my butt I’m 5’6. So I really needed to wear a slip. I found a cheap one at target.