pmd Personal Microderm. That One Blonde Chick

*This post is sponsored by PMD but all opinions are 100% mine.

I’m sure we have all heard about the PMD (personal microdermabrasion) you can go to the spa and spend hundreds of dollars on a single treatment. This little puppy will save you in the long run! This helps with acne, fine lines and wrinkles and sun spots. BIG news, you can also use it on your body! I have those dreaded bumps on the back of my arms! I have always been self conscious about them! I am happy to report that the PMD is helping! The skin is smoother with less bumps and its only been a few weeks! My face is also much smoother and my make up looks way smoother and my yucky winter skin looks alive again! I have hyper pigmentation on my cheeks they get really red. If you know my brothers you know what I’m referring to. It works for them they look cute! On me I look over heated and feverish! My point is that my cheeks are an even color now!

I also just started using the PMD skin care line. Before I started this I am embarrassed to admit I was using clean and clear it was doing nothing for my skin! The PMD cleanser is mild has no smell and makes my make up disappear. The toner helps calm my skin after I use the PMD at first it is a little irritated. Once the toner is dry I put on the moisturizer. Trust me I have used other moisturizers after the treatment and they caused stinging and burning. Ladies we really need to invest and take care of our skin. we wear it and show it off everyday! we wanna look like major babes when we are 80 right? We should really start using preventative products in our 20s! The only down side is that you can only do it once a week! I always do it on mondays so I have something to look forward to haha

Lets baby our skin mmmmk?

peace out!