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New Year + New word + Plaid Coat

Each year I like to pick a new word that is my theme for the year. I used to watch studio 5 they did a segment about this and i LOVED it! For the past 2 years my word was HAPPY. the first year I was in the thick of my Graves Disease and I nearly died after giving birth to my preemie who had horrible colic for 6 straight months. I kept looking for happiness every where and sucking it up! The second year I chose the same word because everything was os much better and I was basking in the happiness, realizing it was every where finding it in my mega hunk hubby and gorgeous babies and enjoying every second!

This year the word I have chosen is BALANCE! Aren’t we all always running around like chickens with our heads cut off?

I want to add balance to every aspect of my life. Being a mother, being a wife, and being a human! I have and auto immune disease ou can read more about that in my story. I have an imbalance of hormones it leaves me on a roller coaster like a rickety old rollercoaster that i think will dump you out at every turn. I want to improve my diet that with my medication will help me feel good!

As a Mom I feel shame all the time for not having enough creative play dates, home made organic fruit snacks, maybe I let them watch too much TV or read to them enough. the list is straight up endless!

I love fitness and exercise it gives me my ME time everyday and makes me feel strong and motivated and also love donuts and coke the caffeine and sugar high are the bee knees! This year I will find balance between the two!

Another thing I want to focus on is growing TOBC (That One Blonde Chick) and add more mommy blogging! A friend of mine recently told me why she loves reading my blog. Beauty and style blowing and blogging in general are very competitive in Utah. She said that she thinks I am very real and that I have a unique voice and that its refreshing! So this year I want to hone in on that and figure out my voice and what exactly I want to say. After my struggle with Graves and all the health issues I had everyone has told me how strong I am and how they admire I have a sense of humor about it. Humor is the only way I know how to do anything!! I’m also a sharer! My fav motto is “There isn’t a person on the planet you wouldn’t love if you knew their story.” My little corner of the internet is my way of sharing mine.

Now onto this outfit! I really wanted a fun statement jacket but I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on something that might be “out” in the blink of an eye. Forever21 has so many cute ones on the CHEAP!! Plus these jeans are my new fav in the winter its just not practical to wear jeans with hole all over the damn place! these are distressed with patches for warmth!! best idea ever. the rest of the look is linked below!
Plaid Coat. That One Blonde Chick Blog
Plaid Coat. That One Blonde Chick Blog Plaid Coat. That One Blonde Chick Blog Plaid Coat. That One Blonde Chick Blog Plaid Coat. That One Blonde Chick Blog Plaid Coat. That One Blonde Chick Blog Plaid Coat. That One Blonde Chick Blog Plaid Coat. That One Blonde Chick Blog Plaid Coat. That One Blonde Chick Blog

Coat: Forever21 there are a few options here

Beanie: Similiar Target

Jeans: ZARA

Shoes: Charlotte Rousse

Sunnies: Fireball from Forever Glasses 

Patchwork Lace Dress and New York Getaway

This is one of my fav dresses I have ever owned and I LOVE the story behind it! Let me paint you  guys a little picture here. So its wednesday and my hubby has been in New York on business all week and was catching a flight home in the morning. Todd (my husband) calls me at like 5:00 he says “Hi are you sitting down?” I’m like “um….Awlays.” Then he says “How do you feel about flying out here for the weekend?” At first I was like “Yes!! how fun and romantic!” then my anxiety kicked in! I have never flown anywhere by myself. The only other tinme I was in NY was when I was 13 and it was the most awful culture shock I cant even describe it! I am from a really small town. population 3000.

I went back and fourth for hours we had to book tickets that night or i wuldnt be ablew to go at all. So i bit the bullet and decided im so sick of my anxiety keeping me from fun and exciting opportunitie. So I put on my big girl panties and flew to New York. I have no idea what I was worried about. It was seriously the easiest thing ever! My cute hubby met me at JFK no I’ll never be worried to travel alone ever again!

We ate the yummiest food and saw all the touristy things. The Empire State Building, Central Park, Rockafeller Center, The 9/11 Memorial. We saw the LDS Temple it was so cool!!  We stopped at every tiny pasterie shop we could find. I can never get enough turnovers and croissants!

That weekend my hubby had his corporate work party so we wanted to look spiffy so we both got new black tie attire. Everything we both worse Zara from head to toe! I LOVE THIS DRESS! Its the perfect combo of classic and modern!
Patchwork Lace Dress. Christine Allen
Patchwork Lace Dress. Christine Allen Patchwork Lace Dress. Christine Allen Patchwork Lace Dress. Christine Allen

zara laser cut shoes

Dress is ZARA and sold out unfortunately I love this one here and here

Heels aslo ZARA and also sold out BOO! Similar here

Sunnies: Forever Glasses these are $5 SAY WHAT??? and you can use the code “Christine20” and get 20% off your order!

*Thanks to Forever Glasses for sponsoring this post!