Olive & DenimOlive & DenimOlive & DenimOlive and Denim. That One Blonde Chick.Olive and Denim. That One Blonde Chick. Olive and Denim. That One Blonde Chick.

Olive & Denim-2 Olive and Denim. That One Blonde Chick. Olive and Denim. That One Blonde Chick.  

I have been seeing amazing Olive Jackets here, there and everywhere!I searched and searched and I couldn’t find one that made my heart sing. I was head over heels for this Jacket when I laid eyes on it! Its totally an essential for any fall wardrobe! Its sooo versitile. Olive has totally become a neutral that goes with EVERYTHING! This Polka dot chambray button down from Mindy Mae’s Market also goes with everything so basically they are the perfect pair!

Recently I have been getting compliments on these jeans left and right! Every time that happens I cant help but laugh because these jeans are really old and really inexpensive! They are from forever 21, there fit ok but were SO NOT my favorite pair of jeans. Until I distressed them in my kitchen! Now they are like these custom jeans that everyone wants to know where they can find them!

At first I was nervous to cut and rip my own jeans but it was incredibly easy! Every time my Father-in-law sees me wearing these are any distressed jeans he always tries to hand me money to go buy jeans that aren’t so warn out! He is quite the Character! So here is a step by step so you can dress up any old pair of jeans!

Step 1. Go to your closet and find an old pair of jeans you wouldn’t be sad about throwing away in case they get ruined.

Step 2. Put the jeans on and take a piece of white chalk and make a small mark on the knees where you want the holes to be.

Step 3. Remove the jeans and use scissors to cut small horizontal holes over your chalk markings.

Step 4. Using your fingers tear open the holes as big as desired.

Step 5. pull out any white treads to give the more distressed look.

Step 6. Wash and dry the jeans so the holes will distress even more and look as if they have been wearing out for years!

Olive Military Jacket: Nordstrom

Polka Dot Chambray: Mindy Mae’s Market

Booties: City Classified