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Give me all the layers

Fall layers. That One Blonde Chick & Mindy Maes Market

Fall layers. That One Blonde Chick & Mindy Maes MarketFall layers. That One Blonde Chick & Mindy Maes Market

Fall layers. That One Blonde Chick & Mindy Maes Market

Fall layers. That One Blonde Chick & Mindy Maes Market

Everyone loves fall!! However I consider myself a fall hipster of sorts haha. Meaning I have loved fall since I was a little kid and before fall was making all girls run for their leggings, boots and bake and drink all things pumpkin and fall was plastered all over pinterest! Ever since I was little I wanted a dreamy fall wedding! My Claude and I were married in October and it was just as awesome as I always imagined!

Back to my point everyone LOVES FALL! I Love dressing for all cause.. LAYERS! I am legit wearing 3 shirts but its cool! Anything for the sake of the season! This way I never have to wear a coat or jacket! How amazing are these trees? It was so easy to find a gorgeous back drop for these photos!

As you may know I am part of the Mindy Mae’s Market team! I am the resident how to girl I do hair and beauty tutorial on their youtube channel. Basically its the best job ever and sometimes they send me clothes and it is the happiest mail I ever receive!! They have the best taste in clothes and they always NAIL IT! My tan checked button up and my crimson vest both came from MMM. I want everything in their shop!!

Vest: Mindy Mae’s Market

Sweater: H&M

Jeans: J. Crew

Lipstick: MAC Twig


Dressy Fall Florals

FullSizeRender-18 FullSizeRender-19 sNeck

You guys! I’m pretty excited this week is Halloween! Any excuse to wear lots of black and be sparkly!! I’m finding so many ways to style this long sleeve top from Mod Bod it pairs perfectly with any and all high waisted skirts! This pretty emerald tear drop necklace is the perfect statement piece!

This pretty necklace is very sparkly! here are some of my favorite quotes to look at when I feel less than sparkly.

All images found via pinterest follow me! Christine Allen

That one blonde chick That one blonde chick That one blonde chick That one blonde chick That one blonde chick That one blonde chick That one blonde chick That one blonde chick That one blonde chick

This post was sponsored Via Sequin Sky & Mod Bod

Just Being Sporty in Sweater Weather

Casual sweater weather. Christine allen  Casual sweater weather. Christine allen Casual sweater weather. Christine allen Casual sweater weather. Christine allen Casual sweater weather. Christine allen Casual sweater weather. Christine allen Casual sweater weather. Christine allenMost of the time I’m a stay at home mom. We all know I jump on any excuse to dress up and be fancy. However in reality most of my life is spent chasing a rouge toddler through the grocery store or kneeling down and kissing “owies” So I like to be comfy! Feeling restricted in my clothes pisses me off and gives me anxiety!! That’s is where is this perfect casual comfy sweater from Mindy Mae’s Market come into play!

I am a huge fan of sweaters that are loose and fitted in all the right places! I paired the loose unstructured top with tight distressed denim then my favorite part of this outfit those Nikes!! I have been waiting for the day I could work these into an actual outfit that wasn’t gym attire!! I’m realizing the older I get I realize how important comfort is!! Then I toss on some fun glasses to add a little sophistication and I have a great run around outfit! I can wear it to the park with my girls or head out to dinner and not have to change a thing!

Sweater: Mindy Mae’s Market

Jeans: J crew Tooth pick denim

Shoes: Nike via Nordsrtom

Glasses: Forever 21

Lipstick: MAC Twig

* Big thanks to Mindy Mae’s Market for sponsoring this post!

Side French Accent Braid

I’m loving this side accent braid as a super quick way to look like you are super put together and its a great mom hairstyle so you can keep your hair out of your face!! I wear this style a lot and I have people every time asking me how I did it. At first glance they don’t think its just your every day french braid! I show you the one simple trick for taking your braids up a notch and making them look huge! Do this braid and every one will think you are a braiding wizard!!

Side note: I just bought Cookie Butter from Trader Joe;s for the first time. BIG MISTAKE, HUGE! i have been eating it out of a jar with a spoon like a  wild animal! Its amazing but also awful!! Any one else have this problem??

Enjoy the tutorial, K byeee!

Fall floral embroidered dress

I kind of loved wearing this dress shooting around Alder Headquarters! Its where my brother works and he does most of my photography. Some people think thats weird? wait… is it weird? Nah… its not weird! Any way This dress has a little bit of late 60’s early 70’s vibe and I felt like a secretary for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce! (The office in Mad Men HELLO!) and basically I was in heaven! I for one am pretty excited that the 70’s are back!

This dress from Sequin Sky is a perfect way to subtly bring the 70’s trend into your wardrobe! If you are on the fence about all the 70’s fever that is happening right now! These bell sleeves, floral embroidery and the cinched waist has me feeling some sort of way! I also love this styled with flat sandals for a more Boho/Hippie vibe! Outfit details below!
Boho Bell sleeve dress. Christine Allen Boho Bell sleeve dress Christine allen

Fall blossoms dress: Sequin Sky

*Thanks to Sequin Sky for sponsoring this post!

I stand with justin Bieber on religion (I’m just as shocked as you are)

Still, he realizes religion is a complicated subject. “It doesn’t make you a Christian just by going to church,” says Justin. “I think that going to church is fellowship, it’s relationship, it’s what we’re here on the earth to do, to have this connection that you feel there’s no insecurities. I think that’s where we need to be.” And then, he delivers a quote worthy of t-shirts and bumper stickers: “Like I said, you don’t need to go to church to be a Christian. If you go to Taco Bell, that doesn’t make you a taco.”

-Justin Bieber, Pop Crush

A new favorite quote of mine is “There isn’t a person you wouldn’t love if you knew their story” My dear Justin( Yeah we are on a first name basis, he also lets me smoke weed with him on his private jet…JOKES!! Everyone knows I prefer crack.. Jokes again. Ok I’ll stop) Justin you just proved this quote to be true!

I read this article titled “Justin opens up about failed relationship with Selena + God complex” from Pop crush and I LOVE celebrity gossip way more than Kim Kardashian loves selfies. So obviously I dove right in thinking I would come out cursing Justin’s name thinking he was an over privileged brat! However when I read the article in its entirety, especially the paragraph above I couldn’t believe it but I became a BELIEBER! I feel that exact same way about religion. I am LDS or Mormon which ever you prefer. I have seen such quotes like “Going to church doesn’t make you a christian” Usually to justify not attending church (which is fine), so I never grasped the full meaning of the quote.

The LDS community stresses church attendance super hard and I also agree that it is very important. I cant help but be annoyed by it because sometimes kids get sick, or you go out of town most weekends (guilty!!) Suddenly people are asking if you are okay cause if you skip church you must have been extremely offended and have gone inactive or have a serious health ailment that the relief society needs to bring over hot meals for immediately (I LOVE the relief society for this!). So getting back to my point Not attending all your church meetings doesn not constitute that you are a christian. If I stopped going I would certainly not stop believing in Christ. BUT why on earth would I ever stop going?

Even though I have been going to church since I was an infant, there is so much I still have to learn and understand. I recently the term “spiritually fed” just clicked for me and I finally get it. I look forward to going to church to recharge to uplift me and to give me the strength and inspiration I need to make it through another week. I am in no way perfect I struggle with anxiety and self doubt and patience with my sweet girls my youngest is a TRIAL for me right now. Going to relief society and listening to the amazing advicce and stories of the women who once were and are currently in my shoes helps me know I’m not alone! For me church is about community and feeling the lords love in a physical way through the members who genuinely care for my family. I stand firmy with Justin Bieber that if you go to Taco Bell its doesn’t make you a taco! Amen Justin, Amen!!
Here are a bunch of photos from my Lds Conference family weekend.   K Byeeee!

That one blonde chick That one blonde chick That one blonde chick That one blonde chick That one blonde chick That one blonde chick
Fall. That one blonde chick

Light Layers for Faux Fall

How could I ever resist wearing this soft feminine Blush cardi multiple times a week? It has been perfect for light and breezy layering in this stupid hot faux fall we have been having here in Utah!

So lately I have been letting myself get caught up in the fantasy life lots of people portray on social media, you know without any barefoot totally peed through pants toddlers walking around at Target cause I always forget to restock the diapers in my backpack! (today)

I’ll admit it! It gets me down to see all the gorgeous girls posting their incredible expensive beautiful outfits or spotless professionally decorated homes, amazing healthy gormet meals for their kids. Thinking I’ll never be that thin, that photogenic, that on top of anything in my life and Will Joss ever branch out beyond PB&J and rice and how old will Kate be before we pry that bottle from her little chubby fingers!

I totally get why no one posts selfies of themselves scrubbing their toilets, or cleaning up barf off the sofa. I try to show case happy or funny events of my life cause that’s what I like to remember and focus of. Real life is too real sometimes! So obviously I’m not perfect and I’m completely human I want you all to know me better so I’ll give you some incite to my most embarrassing moments.

  1. I was on the track team & field in high school. I pretty much stuck to the field part doing long jump. I go to a small school so our coaches expect us to run all events we possibly can. He informs me that I’ll be done 100 meter hurdles in 10min at a region meet with lots of spectators. Ummmm Ive never even jumped over a hurdle in my life! I decide to do it anyway cause I have confidence in my athletic ability. (not sure why) So the gun goes off and i start hurdling I get about 4 or 5 hurdels in and I AM WINNING!! WHAT? Then I feel my back leg clip the hurdle and I land boobs first on the track! I am laid out across 3 lanes Ouch! Since I was in the lead all the other girls have to jump over me with their spikes on! I was so humiliated and my juggs hurt! Somehow I didnt use my hands to catch myself.  I couldn’t even finish the race so I literally rolled off the track right ther at the 5th hurdle! I was disqualified and my coach yelled at me for being a “non finisher” I gave those hurdles the bird and never looked back!!
  2. I was competing in a pageant and I was doing the on stage question portion. OH BOY! My question was “How has adversity affected my life?” I thought I heard the word  “Diversity not “Adversity” The only thing that came to my mind was the quote from Ron Burgandy about “Diversity being an old old wooden ship used in the civil war era.” Then I practically blacked out and I remember saying something about how opposites attract. Ive blocked most of it out but it was mortifying!!! Everyone in the audience thought I was a vapid air head blonde! ps I hate blonde jokes. So offensive (Although sometimes accurate haha)

I don’t embarrass as easily these days but I do so many embarrassing I cant even keep track anymore. But hey I’m human and so are you and perfection is totes boring! I hope you got a kick out of my stories and realize its amazing when you learn to laugh at yourself. Embarrassment is overrated!

Outfit details below



Blush Cardi and Booties Christine Allen Blush Cardi and Booties Christine Allen Cardigan: Mint Julep Boutique

Gray Tee: Cotton On this the perfect tee!! I wear it constantly

Jeans: Joe’s jeans

Booties: Soda These are only $35!!!

*Thanks to Mint Julep Boutique for sponsoring this post!