Miracle Moisturizer

Miracle Moisturizer Miracle Moisturizer  Miracle Moisturizer

I feel like its my duty as a woman, nay as a human to let every one in on my new skin secret. I have been using Biossance The Revilatizer for about a month and a half and at this point I cant ever see myself using anything else! I have really interesting skin. My face is really dry but at half way through the day I am soo oily! Like almost like Julia from bachelor in paradise oily. (Sorry to bring it up again but I CANNOT get over it) So I find that most facial moisturizers are either too heavy and make me greasy or too light and make me look flaky! umm YUCK!

Biossance is all natural and the main ingredient is Squalane which is something your body used to produce naturally you stop making it when you are in your late teens. Its important and we need it to keep that youthful glow! This stuff is like crack for your face and I’m totally addicted and I cant go a day with out it! my skin looks revitalized and it so smooth with out being overly moisturized! it has so many other uses I’ll write out a list of the ways I use it!

After I wash my face at night before bed 3-4 drops

After I wake up I rise my face a apply it before make up

I’ll rub some on my hands and work into hair when I have lots of static

I dab a little on my cuticles when the need some lovin

If your skin is really dry like in the winter for example you can mix it right in with your foundation for locked in moisture.

BONUS the packaging is so clean and beautiful and that is a giant plus for me!

*Thanks to Biossance for sponsoring this post!!