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Everything Extensions Q&A

IMG_7750-3Need more sleep, That One Blonde ChickThat One Blonde Chick + Hair and make up by Steph


Q: What brand of hair extensions do you wear? 

A: I have tried so many brands right now I’m wearing Laced hair 120 Grams and I’m planning on sticking with this brand for the long haul! You can order online or if you are an SLC local you can head in to their store! PS I didn’t have to color these at all they were a perfect match for my color right out of the package I wear the 20 inch #16/22 Buttercream.

Other brands I recommend are Sally’s beauty supply these are less expensive but still good quality if you are interested in giving clip ins a try but don’t wanna spend an arm and a leg these are a great option. The sets aren’t enough hair for me so I usually end up needing 2 bags of hair.

Another Brand I like is Bellami Hair 220 Grams these come with TONS of hair if you have thin to medium thickish hair these would be perfect! Although I did have to add lowlights to these myself cause they were one solid color. Natural hair has dimension so they didn’t match! I ordered the Ash blonde.

Q: How do you get them to match your hair color? 

A: Depending on what brand you get some companies will send you a swatch so you can match your hair to. If they have a store in your area you can go in and they will help you pick the color that is right for you. However thats not always an option so if you are guessing or choosing a color on line always choose the lighter color. You CAN make them darker i.e. add lowlights or even all over color them. You CANNOT make them lighter. we tried to lighten my nieces once and the bleach just melted them. it was tragic!!

Q: How often do you get new extensions/ How often do you wash them?

A: About every 6 months. I wear my extensions often like about 5 times a week. I use heat tools on them all the time. I try and protect them by using a brush that is gentle on them I love the Wet brush it’s a game changer!

I pretty much never any circumstances wash them. You may think that super gross but they doing get oily or smelly like your real hair. When the hair is brand new it is so smooth because they coat in in something (I have no idea, probably magic) and the more often you wash them it takes off this coating and it stops being silky and looks like matted dog hair! If I ever do need to wash them I do it in the sink and use cold water (to keep the cuticle closed) and only condition and DONT brush them when they are wet it breaks them off like crazy. I just lay mine out flat on a towel and let them dry over night. then brush them out and style as usual.

Q: Do you have a problem with the clips breaking your hair off or pulling hair out?

A: No, personally I don’t. Lots of my friends and family have had that problem though. There are two kinds of clips the straight prong and the curvy prongs. The straight clips will not stay in your hair very well and you will most likely have to back comb your hair to get the to stay in. This is so bad for your hair and will break your hair off like a pice of a kit kat bar!! DON’T mmmk? Just don’t! We like our clips just like we like our ladies CURVY! Another tip for helping your hair not break off. When you brush your extensions while you have them clipped in is to hold on you base of where they are clipped so there won’t be tension and yanking at where the clip is clipped at your hair. clip ins

Top: BAD // Bottom: GOOD

Q: How do you keep your extensions from showing?

A: Make sure you aren’t placing them too high on the scalp. keep them low enough so you have plenty of hair on your top layer to cover them all. A little back combing of the top layer doesnt hurt either. I demonstrate this in the video. I use lots of texture spray  that keeps my hair from splitting and separating in all the wrong places if you know what I mean. This is a great tip if you have really Thin hair Texture spray is way different that hair spray. Its not as stiff and it helps your hair seem thicker. I love Fave4 texture takeover SO MUCH! Every person on the planet needs it! Ps the smell is heavenly!

Q: What is the easiest hairstyle with extensions?

I Think down and wavy or half up are the easiest. Half up helps hide all your short layers. Wearing your hair straight with extensions can we tricky and can be a dead giveaway that you have extensions especially if you have several inches between your real hair and the length of the extensions. I’ve linked you up to a few of my fav simple hairstyles with extensions. Mermaid waves using NUME wandFrench braid Pompadour , 2 minute half up twists, Easy half top knot

Other random tips I have learned (the hard way) over the years: 

+Don’t sleep in them. It straight up destroys them and is uncomfy and you will wake up so snarly you will have to rip through them with a brush. I used to sleep in mine when I was in hair school and hanging out with Todd till literally 6am and trying to save time on getting ready in the morning. It was just a bad idea.

+Don’t wear them to a campfire, Just like anything else they will take on the smokey smell. You will be forced to wash them and it just accelerates the wearing out process. Hint if you accidentally do wear them to an impromptu s’more sesh put your hair in a ziplock bag and freeze it for 2 days. It really works!

+Wind is your worst enemy. It will snarl them up in the worst way! I always try and keep an elastic in my purse in case I find myslef in a windy situation and Ill throw it in a quick side braid all the way to the ends. Also wind from behind will totally show everyone that your wearing extensions. if you have no other option face the wind head on ladies.

+Never wear them swimming or hot tubbing. Especially for us blondies! Remember how I said we tried to lighten my nieces hair and it melted? We were trying to bleach out the green that was left behind by chlorine. Chlorine is bad news for hair period especially for extensions.

+Always buy real remy hair. This seems pretty obvious. Remy means that all the hair cuticles are going the same way. That helps the hair stay smooth. If the cuticles aren’t going the same way you will have an eagles nest sitting on your head. Ps you can’t use heat tools on not real hair and fake hair is just yucky.

+When your hair is new you should head to your fav hair dresser and she will help you trim them up and layer them so they just blend into your hair flawlessly!

+Try and use as little product in them as possible. Since they don’t get washed very often (or ever) product will build up and make them snarled and crappy and tangly and super hard to brush through. None of those sound like someone anyone would want! Try and just keep all the sprays on your natural hair.

I made a step by step tutorial on how I clip in my hair when I am wearing my hair down and for when I want to wear my hair in a high ponytail. That seemed to be my most popular question. Rightly so, its pretty tricky!! I hope you learned something new from this post! If I left anything out and you still have burning questions leave a comment!






Guys Overalls are cool

Grown up overalls. From Thatoneblondechick.comGrown up overalls. From Thatoneblondechick.comgrown up overalls. Grown up overalls. From Grown up overalls. From Thatoneblondechick.comGrown up overalls. From
Grown up overalls. From Grown up overalls. From Grown up overalls. From

When I first saw overalls coming back into play I was totally appalled as most people were! I was thinking who would do this to perfectly good denim.  It took me back to the 90’s with my perm and fluffed out bangs and it was straight up tragic! I get teary just thinking about it. Thanks for nothing mom! wink. I love this 3/4 length sleeve tee from ModBob Its a dream for layering which I will be doing constantly with fall coming up! I have a bunch of their tops perfect for covering all your bases. Ive seriously loved Modbod for years!

Now that I’m all grown up I see the potential in overalls. there are seriously so many cute ways to style them! My hubby on the other hand is not on board with overalls! I asked him why he said and I quote “I just can’t” so you know he hates that shit! hahaha My little Joss doesnt like them either. She told me they weren’t cute cause they are brown and boring and its what the minions wear. I’m not gonna let these haters keep me down! To quote my boys of Journey “Don’t stop believing (In overalls)”

Outfit details

Overalls These are sold out similar here

3/4 sleeve tee ModBod

Sunglasses Nordstrom

Lipstick Kate Moss Rimmel Bordeaux

Plaid is the new black

Plaid is the new black. KacieK ShopPlaid is the new black. KacieK Shop

Plaid is the new black. KacieK Shop

Plaid is the new black. KacieK Shop

Plaid is the new black. KacieK Shop

Plaid is the new black. KacieK Shop

Its no secret that plaid is all the rage right now! I love when plaid it mixed with something really different and unexpected like a feminine skirt for example Its like a lumber jack and a princess high fived so hard they melted into one outfit!

Another reason I and everyone else is obsessed with paid is that one shirt can be transformed into so many outfits. wear it buttoned up for a more polished look. Or wear it open with a tee underneath for a more casual vibe. or tie it around your waitst to add balance. I always use the waist trick to hide the badonk-a-donk with leggings!

This shirt is so perfect and its from my sister in law Janaes shop (she as some serious good taste!) and its on right now for a screaming deal! Plaid is such a perfect fall staple!





Miracle Moisturizer

Miracle Moisturizer Miracle Moisturizer  Miracle Moisturizer

I feel like its my duty as a woman, nay as a human to let every one in on my new skin secret. I have been using Biossance The Revilatizer for about a month and a half and at this point I cant ever see myself using anything else! I have really interesting skin. My face is really dry but at half way through the day I am soo oily! Like almost like Julia from bachelor in paradise oily. (Sorry to bring it up again but I CANNOT get over it) So I find that most facial moisturizers are either too heavy and make me greasy or too light and make me look flaky! umm YUCK!

Biossance is all natural and the main ingredient is Squalane which is something your body used to produce naturally you stop making it when you are in your late teens. Its important and we need it to keep that youthful glow! This stuff is like crack for your face and I’m totally addicted and I cant go a day with out it! my skin looks revitalized and it so smooth with out being overly moisturized! it has so many other uses I’ll write out a list of the ways I use it!

After I wash my face at night before bed 3-4 drops

After I wake up I rise my face a apply it before make up

I’ll rub some on my hands and work into hair when I have lots of static

I dab a little on my cuticles when the need some lovin

If your skin is really dry like in the winter for example you can mix it right in with your foundation for locked in moisture.

BONUS the packaging is so clean and beautiful and that is a giant plus for me!

*Thanks to Biossance for sponsoring this post!!

Transitioning Summer Dresses into Fall

Summer dresses into fall. That one blonde chick.

Summer dresses into fall. That one blonde chick.

Summer dresses into fall. That one blonde chick.

Summer dresses into fall. That one blonde chick.

Summer dresses into fall. That one blonde chick.

Summer dresses into fall. That one blonde chick.

Summer dresses into fall. That one blonde chick.

Hey peeps! its finally the season of pumpkin everything!! Oh fall how I have craved and missed you but wait.. whats that? its still 100 effing degrees outside! Ugh I know these nice sunny days are such a thorn in my side! I want to wear all my fall goodies with out sweating like poor Julia from Bachelor in paradise!! Seriously why was she sooo shiny???

So I’ve transitioned a few of my favorite summer swing dresses into fall outfits! Its so easy! throw on your favorite fitted denim jacket, add some heeled booties and a felt hat and you look totally smoking with out suffering heat stroke!

I think everyone needs at least one one denim jacket. I have two different washes a light and dark wash. Both of them I have had since high and they are still in high school! I love owning timeless pieces! I just wanted to share why thing dark wash denim jacket will always have a special place in my heart. I have a friend Patricia who I have known my entire life. we were so little when we became friends I seriously dont have a single stand out childhood memory with out her in it! Our moms were best friends. I remember when we would have “can you play” phone calls and the conversation would lag and get awkward cause we were like 5 and I would say “Ummm my mom wantts to talk to your mom” haha our moms hated it!

In 2009 Tricia was involved in a tragic car accident and she ended up in a coma and ultimately passing away. Its was 2 weeks before my wedding I was so excited to see her. It had been months! My whole family was crushed and my heart still breaks for her sweet mom. She and Tricia were best friends! A few months after the funeral I went to visit Tricia’s mom and she wanted me to have a few items from Tricia’s closet She had decided it was time to pack it up cause it was hard to look at. Trish LOVED CLOTHES AND SHOES! Her flower arrangements at her funeral had bright colored stilettos in them I know she would have loved it! I ended up leaving with this jacket and every time I look at it I remember how much I loved Tricia and she had the best sense of humor she was seriously so funny! She actually reminded me a ton of Pheobe from friends! I love sentimental pieces. If you have a few laying around your house treasure the crap out of them!

here is a tutorial for how I get these killer mermaid waves using my Nume wand! MERMAID WAVES FOR LIFE!



Bow, Bow, Bows!

I don’t think its any secret we love all things girly at this house! That includes, bows and all other manner of accessories, and of course fairies. So when I found out that there was an actual Hair Bow Fairy. I was like say no more and SIGN US UP!

Here is how it works. Both of the girls get a package in the mail once a month addressed to them personally (when I was a kid I loved getting mail! Now its all bills and it’s the worst!) Joss thinks it’s a real fairy and its the sweetest! Each box has a theme and this month was back to school they got cute notebooks and stickers. Basically the bows are perfect and not over the top and easily can be incorporated to their every day wardrobe. Plus there is a special little something for mom in there too!

I love the hair bow fairy and I love that it makes my girls so happy and feel so special every month! I just wanted to share how much fun tearing into their boxes are!

Hair Bow Fairy

Hair Bow Fairy

Hair Bow Fairy

Hair Bow Fairy

Hair Bow Fairy

*Thanks to the Hair Bow Fairy for sponsoring this post!