I have had so many people asking me questions about the 12 week fitness plan I just finished and I wanted to write a more in depth explanation on why I loved it!

So just let me start off by saying it WAS NOT EASY! But making real lasting change with your body never is. Also I was not unhappy with my body when I started. I was doing really intense circuit work outs 3 times a week and I felt like I was getting fit. Then out of the blue my cute friend Tahnee from hair school asked if I was interested in trying her program I said heck yes!!  Then I had my husband take my before pics… I honestly didn’t know I looked like that! All it takes is seeing really unflattering photos of your self straight to camera. I wanted to cry a little but mostly I was crazy motivated to get started! If you have been following me for long you probably know that I have been recovering from Graves’ Disease for about 2 years. You can read more about that in my story.
So the run down is that Tahnee sends you a weekly meal plan and a grocery shopping list along with an approved food list. She makes it really easy to eat healthy and she also sends you articles about why you might want to eat this way. To be honest most of the time I won’t eat healthy cause it just doesn’t taste good but Tahnee proved me wrong eating healthy clean meals can absolutely taste good and I feel awesome after eating all these meals!
Now let me talk about my favorite part… THE WORK OUTS!! Most of the specific workouts I had never heard of! (i.e man makers, preacher curl etc.) Not gonna lie I found myself standing at the gym several times googling how to do certain things. I didn’t mind at all cause I love trying new things! Remember when I said I was doing a really tough work out 3 times a week? I was practically doing the same work out for months! I might have seen some results at the beginning but I plateaued HARD! With all these new crazy work outs there was no way that could happen. She gives you 5 works outs per week with an optional 6 work out and I always take the full 6 workouts! Going to the gym daily works out awesome for my girls and  because our gym has a incredible child care center and my girls beg me to take them every day. I started seeing muscles in my legs that I have never ever had before! It started happening right with in the first few weeks and it motivated me to keep pushing every week. I’ll be honest I might not have been religious about the clean eating but I was with the workout and I got results I was very happy with.
I’m starting the program over again this week along with 200+ other highly motivated ladies this time I’m going to really work on the eating! I love junk food! It’s a serious problem. I can hit an entire bag of chips harder than Leo DiCaprio hits on models. (Hi-yo)
Like I mentioned before I have Graves’ disease and along with that comes severe anxiety I ended up needing to be on medication cause it got really ridiculous but about 6 weeks in to the program I was able to go off my meds cause in the words of Reese Witherspoon “Working out gives endorphins and endorphins make you happy and happy people just don’t shoot their husbands” or in my case never leave the house and curl up in a corner and hug myself haha.
It’s the best feeling in the world to feel good about your body and feel healthy and strong. I’m really excited to push it even harder this go around and I’ll keep you posted.
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