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back to school pics back to school pics back to school pics   back to school pics

I know the cliche of saying “I cant believe my baby is starting school!” but it really goes by so fast! I still feel like I’m 15 years old I cant believe they even let me become an adult and get married and have a family. When they let us take this precious precious girl home from the hospital I was like ” what you are just going to let me TAKE HER?? I don’t even have to pass a test or something?” Joss has taught me so much more than I could ever hope to teach her. She has always been a little ray of sunshine. Ugh she is so sweet! She is always jumping at the opportunity to help me in the kitchen or fold laundry. She is always helping out her baby sister. I just have no idea how I get to be her mom. She is seriously my role model! Here are a few of my favorite Joss quotes or Jossieisms if you will. I have them all written down cause I would hate to forget any sweet little thing she says! She could seriously have her own reality show.


I’m always telling her to be a good example cause she is the big sister then she says.”when Kate bees mean to me she is being a bad bezample”

Joss only ever wants to wear dresses and skirts even in the winter! it’s a big struggle. ” I hate wearing pants! They make me feel handsome” I know babe feeling handsome is the WORST!


Joslyn and Todd are playing “drive thru” (maybe we hit up too many of those YIKES!)

Todd: Can I get fries and a shake?

Joss: Yep that will be $300

Todd: Geez thats pretty steep, do you come with it?

Joss: giggles No Morris does!!

Todd: Who the heck is Morris?


She saw a photo of Jesus and John the baptist she says “who is that with Jesus?…. it looks like David Wallace” From The Office. Apparently we do a little too much Office happening over here!