So last week I posted a photo of my skin and after I took the photo and I thought it look like it had been photoshopped cause my skin has never looked so great! I was finally able to sit down and put this post together! So let me let you the mystery product is PERFECTLY POSH! Have you heard of perfectly Posh products? I hadn’t really so let me just tell you why they are so great!! They are a new company based out of SLC. They use all natural ingredients. No paragons, no sulfates, no petroleum, no gluten fillers! YAY! biggest bonus is that none of their products cost over $25!!

My cute friend Steph is a rep for them and reached out to me and offered to send me samples. So I thought what the heck who would wanna try FREE samples? I got them in the mail and first of all they were all in pretty little pink baggies and the packaging just spoke to me! it’s so cute! Then I opened them and gave them all a great sniff. Cause everyone does that right? I can’t even begin to describe the heaven that is inside every product! I tested out a whole slew of products so I’ll give you the deets of the top  5 products I can’t live with out!

Products I’ll be purchasing

perfectly posh

Apricots Overnight moisturizing face mask I put it on my face after I’ve washed my face and right before bed. You get to go to bed  with your face smelling so good that you might even dream your frolicking through an orchard. Then boom you wake up in the morning with soft and supple skin. Most moisturizers I use make my skin really oily especially when I used them over night. Not the case with this one my friends! I only use it once or twice a week. I will probably end up using it a little more once full blown summer hits and the dry heat gives my skin a beating.

Perftelt posh

Make out Magic sugar lip scrub So ummm.. I like making out and I like magic so this is a no brainer! My favorite thing about this is that you don’t need to wash it off you can slap it on rub your lips together and thats it! Smooth, soft lips! Exfoliating my lips is important cause I like to rock a ton of bold lip colors and if you have chapped lips underneath its soo yuck!



Snarky Bar Based on the scent alone this is a slam dunk! It’s got shea butter, mandarin, freesia, lily, and sandalwood and tiny beads that help buff off dead skin and leave you so soft and smelling like a dang angel! Seriously its so good! I use it in the shower before I apply my sunless tanner, I feel pretty confident to call it the John Stockton of sunless tan assisting. Helps the tan go on nice and even. To read about my fav sunless tanner click here


BFF Best Face Forever. So I have a thing for exfoliating apparently haha. This scrub has millions of microbeads gently make your face so awesome and smooth that you wanna use it everyday. I use it every other day cause its so gentle!! Helps my make up go on so smooth and my skin even looks nice when my face is butt naked so SCORE!!!

Night & Day Olive and Lavender moisturizer I use this after I wash my face in the morning and at night when I don’t use the Apricots at night cream it’s a nice light moisturizer my skin doesn’t get oily so its perfect underneath my make up.



If you need these products in your life and don’t know a Perfectly Posh rep don’t fret I know a guy. click here to order online! Easy peasy. Or if you have questions or want to try samples Steph has been kind enough to give out her phone number! call or text her at 435-851-6440

Heres to great skin this summer!! Cheers!