We love these Best friends tees so much! Feeling oh so patriotic in their Red, white and Navy! We cant wait for the 4th its pretty much our fav holiday!

Even though these two fight like sisters (go figure) I usually end up tickling Kate after diaper changes she will reach out for Joss and say “Help me!” Joss always yells back “NEVER!” Some times Joss is too cool for her kid sister but most of the time they really are the best little buddies.

Lately their favorite game to play is the punching game. They take turns sticking their chests out and letting other punch them. I have no idea why I let it happen but they just cant stop laughing their heads off so I allow it. At least I will until they can actually hurt each other. I really need to catch it on video cause its hilarious!  We got these cute graphic tees from The Blue Envelope home of the happy alphabet tees! Love this company and all they stand for! follow them on instagram @the_blue_envelopeBest Friend TeesBest Friend Tees Best Friend Tees Best Friend Tees Best Friend Tees mama tee. Best Mama tee