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Faux Mohawk Ponytail

I decided to shake up my look and try something I have never done before. I wanted a look with a little more edge. I consider myself to be pretty edgeless, Plus who doesn’t like to look like a dinosaur every now and then?  I know I do. I am obsessed with this funky mohawk ponytail. It’s great for 2nd, 3rd or lets be honest 4th day hair. When you’ve already got the loose curls going on. This way you can spare your hair the hot tools for the day. Let me know if you would like to see a video tutorial for this and I will make it happen!

Faux mohawk ponytail. That One Blonde Chick

Faux Mohawk Ponytail. That One Blonde Chick

Faux Mohawk Ponytail. That One Blonde Chick

Faux Mohawk Ponytail. That One Blonde Chick

Faux Mohawk Ponytail. That One Blonde Chick

If you recreate this style I want to see it! Post it on instagram and use the hashtag #thatoneblondechickhair Don’t forget to follow me @christineyallen

Happy styling!

XO, Christine

Messy Braided Crown Tutorial

You Guys! I hope you all had a great time gobble gobbling up your Thanksgiving feasts! If you are still all tuckered out from stuffing your faces like I am. Here is a super easy way to make your hair look fancy with minimal effort. I made my first video tutorial! I felt like a major dork talking to my laptop alone in my kitchen but here you have it! This is how I do my super fast and easy Messy crown braids. Hopefully there is enough information here so you can recreate this look yourself. I would love to hear suggestions for more hairstyles that you guys would like me to try. I’m always up for a challenge! Let me know if you have further questions about anything. I have more looks coming up so stay tuned! Happy Black Friday shopping! I did all of mine online with no crowds no punching or hair pulling. It was peaceful and glorious!

Messy Crown Braid That One Blonde Chick


Messy Crown Braid That One Blonde Chick



Messy Crown Braid That One Blonde Chick

Style Stalking Brigitte Bardot edition.

Raise your hand if you don’t know who Brigitte Bardot is… Now take your other hand and punch yourself in the face. C’mon people! She is only one of the biggest 60’s bombshells and style icons! she is right up there with Twiggy and Jackie O. She is a french ballerina turned actress turned sex symbol! I’m pretty sure that makes her the complete package.

I am so excited because as of late everywhere I look I see 60’s styles popping up all over! It’s embarrassing how much I am obsessed with Mad Men which is set in Manhattan in the 60’s. If you haven’t watched it yet do yourself a favor and find it on Netflix right now! I can’t even talk about how much I love that show without turning into Don Draper and pretending to smoke a cigarette and telling people to “shut their damn mouths” and yelling out stern advice like “You want some respect? Then go out there and get it for yourself!” It’s a problem that I’m working on.

I have always had an old soul. I think I would have fit into the 60’s quite nicely. I would have been a sassy girl named Midge who rocked a lot of peter pan collars, had a razor sharp wit and graduated secretary school then went on to work for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Or something like that not that, not that I have put much thought into it or anything. Ummm moving on. Maybe I adore the 60’s so much because it was a time when women got all dressed up for every occasion and the men never left the house in basketball shorts. Just a thought. Not that there is anything wrong with that. (wink)

I tried to style stalk Brigitte Bardot and I didn’t do her any justice. Nevertheless I had a lot of fun doing it.

She is famous for her bangs. If you don’t have bangs you can’t go wrong with a pretend side swept swoopy bang for this look. She is also famous for having really big hair I toned it down a bit to make the hair style more wearable. I really wish I would have just gone for it and back combed the crap out of my hair. I’ll do that next time. In the 60’s a heavy feline eye was all the rage. Add that with a dark eye lid crease, big lashes on top and bottom, neutral blush and pale lips and you will nail it!

One last thing. This would be a great look to wear to a holiday party! I think there will be more 60’s inspired looks in my future. stay tuned!


The inspiration.








Its always fun to add a sparkly hair accessory to gussy up a simple style. Especially if you are attending a holiday party. You can find similar ones here and here


Anyone else see Rosie the riveter in this last photo?

This is my take on her look. I’m off to do more stalking now. Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

XO, Christine

Winter Beauty Tips

Winter has landed in Utah my friends and it is awfully nippy! I originally planned to stop shaving my legs, board myself up in my house get all bundled up with my Netflix, my hot chocolate and my babies in front of the fire place for the next six months. Then I decided NO! I’m not gonna let this winter get my long johns all in a twist.  I decided to have an attitude more like Elsa and act like “The cold never bothered me anyway”. Not to let it myself go for the winter.  When the frigid winds blow my hair this winter I’ll go full blown Beyoncé and whip my hair around and strut down the street like I’m all crazy in love with winter. I’ll act like the sting of Jack Frost nipping at my nose hurts so good!! Here are some essential products I use for winterizing my beauty routine.
Winter Beauty Tips Humidifier– Between the bitter cold outside and the heat kicking on inside all the moisture gets sucked out of the air. Leaving our skin and hair super dry. I use a humidifier in my room at night. It puts out warm mist so it keeps things nice and toasty!
Lip Balm– Nothing is worse than chapped lips in the winter! Especially with a dark matte lip. I think chapped lips are equally as distracting as broccoli stuck in your teeth. Maybe it’s because I’m a no good filthy mouth watcher. Nonetheless its a problem. So I always add a little bit of this under all of my lip colors in the winter to keep the lips from drying out. I like to keep one of these eos balls in my purse. You never know when chapped lips will strike.
Hand cream- I feel like a germaphobe in the winter always washing my hands to get rid of cold and flu germs and after all those diaper changes. It really takes a toll on your hands! I like a thick hand cream that isn’t greasy.
Moisturizer with SPF– Even those of us with oily skin you can really benefit from using a heavier facial moisturizer in colder months. It helps your make up stay dewy and not dull. I strongly suggest using SPF all year round not only in the summer. In the winter the sun can reflect off the snow and give you some serious rays right in the face.
Bronzing Mousse– Sadly our tans have faded away to a pasty shade that is less than desirable. This will add a little glow back into your life. St. Tropez mousse is my favorite!
Cream Blush– I ditch the powder blush and grab a cream blush so my face doesn’t appear chalky it gives the cheeks a more naturally flushed appearance. NYX  has some gorgeous colors.
Cuticle Oil- Just like the rest of the body the nails dry out and become more brittle in the winter too. The dreaded hang nail can turn fatal if it isn’t taken care of. I dab some solar oil on my cuticles every night before bed. It works wonders!
Drink More Water– It’s kind of a no brainer but it must be mentioned. It makes a world of difference. Hydrated people are happy people.
Coconut Oil– There are so many wonderful ways to use coconut oil. I use it as a deep conditioning treatment for my hair once a week. I just leave it in for 30 mins then wash it out in the shower. It also works great as a body  lotion. Get the organic unrefined kind it smells amazing!!

Skin Exfoliator– If you don’t want to spend a fortune on an exfoliator. You have a great one sitting in your pantry right now. I use sugar. I mix it with a bit of water and rub it on all over. It always use it on my face and lips too.

Hope you enjoy the product recommendations I wanna hear your winter beauty secrets! Now spill!

XO Christine


I shave my face and I don’t care who knows it.

I shave my face. That One Blonde Chick

    I shave my face. That One Blonde Chick

I know its November and you might be tempted to grow out your mustache in honor of No-shave-vember. I’m just here to kindly ask have lost your mind? I have to admit I have been working on growing out my stache for years to no avail. I’ll never live my dreams of having a mustache as elegant or as regal as that of Tom Selleck! Drat! Joking aside. I have been super sick of my fuzz face. If the light hit me just right my little lady beard would reveal its awful self! NOT COOL!  We all have it ladies and it is just really unfortunate! I have waxed my upper lip a bunch of times and it would make me break out until it was time to wax again. Thats a mustache of zits my friends. It’s a vicious cycle so I decided a mustache of fuzz was better up until now!

I’m here to tell you that Michelle Money has changed my life. Whether you love her or dislike her very strongly (I love her) I watched her video on how she shaves her face out of sheer curiosity. I was SOLD I went and bought the Tinkle facial razor on amazon just minutes after watching the video. She brings up some very valid points and she will make you laugh your face off. and maybe even your facial hair wink wink.

Here are my three main reasons why you must shave your face!

1. Your face will be so nice and exfoliated and your make up will go on smooth like butter (don’t put butter on your face you may be tempted but please refrain)

2. Your hubby/boyfriend/significant other is secretly pissed off that you have a mustache. GET RID OF IT!

3.  It’s basically winter you might think that you wanna hang on to your lady beard for warmth. FACT: Your peach fuzz doesn’t keep your face warm. You don’t need it. Let me know how you like it. Happy shaving!

Love your friend Christine XO

Style stalking: Gwen Stefani edition

Hey guys I’m so excited I’m starting a new series about how we can successfully style stalk our favorite celebrities and take their signature looks and plug them into our everyday beauty routines. Please don’t tell me I’m the only one who loves celebrities and internet stalking them facetiously. It’s become one of my favorite hobbies. Like my girl Coco Chanel once said “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” Don’t we all get stuck in a beauty rut every now and then (top knot and Yoga leggings anyone??)  I know I get bored with my everyday look so I like to shake it up. What better way to do that than borrowing icons tried and true beauty tips?  I’m kicking it off with the lovely Miss Stefani. Ladies back me up here I don’t care who you are, everyone has a major case of GWEN FEVER now that she is on the voice! Everyone knows there ain’t no cure for that! I love everything about her. She is so effortlessly cool with her whole “I’ve been in a band for 20 years.” thing. She’s rad and everyone knows it even Gwen knows it.  I wanna just sit next to her and just watch her be Gwen Stefani and I’ll just smile and nod like an excited and dorky foreign exchanged student who doesn’t speak any english. Sorry that was tangent, moving on.

Her signature look is the classic pin up. There is a reason this has been such a staple in the beauty industry for the past 60 years cause it just works. It really is the epitome of classic, Gwen is the modern day Marilyn Monroe. I am in love with it cause it just oozes femininity. This is a look every one can pull off and recreate themselves!

Luckily for this look we get to keep the lazy top knot. I think the messier the better. I like my bun literally right on top of my head. Then whip out the black liquid liner (You want the wings so sharp they could kill a man!), lashes, sharp lined brows, keep the blush light, This look would be nothing with out the bright red lip, I highly recommend using Russian Red from MAC this is my favorite red of all time. It’s matte and stays on forever. Like almost too long you pretty much can’t get it to come off at the end of the day! Its a very blue red….translation, it makes you teeth look insanely white! HOORAY! One last thing please do yourselves a favor and listen to the Gwen Stefani pandora station. Your ears will thank you!


The inspiration for this look

That one blonde chick. Gwen Stefani









what other celebrities would you like to me style stalk? Let me know. I love suggestions!

Tweed & leather jacket H&M (similar)//Joes Jeans

Booties Madden Girl//J. Crew Factory Necklace (similar)

MAC “Russian Red” Lipstick

XO, Christine